This Time, I Confessed

How can I whisper if all you’re screaming of is freedom

It was not love at first sight
It was darkness turn into light
You’re not that so much of a delight
Yet you’re the shadow’s twilight

How can I show if all your attention is focused on escaping

I got in a store called ‘fully booked’
I ain’t a reader but I got hooked
It’s pulling my eyes so I overlooked
It’s already paid and I got rooked

How can I confess if all your words are making me conceal

It took me weeks before I realized
Just woke up, I was mesmerized
I hide and seek but got terrified
I fled to retreat and just agonized

How can I not let go if all you want is to move forward

It was February, 2016 that realized that you’re the love of my life, my la vie en rose. But I had my doubts so I tried to think about it over the summer. And, tada… It wasn’t infatuation ‘cause up until now you’re the only one I can think of that’s making my heart beat differently in a hurting good way. I really like you, like you. I wish you could say yes to my love ‘cause I want you to be mine even for a short time until we bid our last goodbyes. I love you, Darling.

29 May 2016
10:42 PM

Disclaimer: I do not own the photo.
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