We, Electric Brand Consultants, and the visual communications studio Présium have published own own research and trend forecast “The Brand New World. Reinvented”, dedicated to the future after the pandemic. We analysed big trends from the last 30 years and interviewed more than 500 business owners and leasers across 20 industries to determine the future of relationships between people, businesses and brands. According to our trend forecast, the coronavirus has shed light on how the trends of recent decades have become the basis for inequality in all areas of human life. Overcoming it should become one of the main drivers…

As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed. An unprecedented challenge for businesses around the world, for many companies COVID-19 has become the moment of truth. The situation requires complex decisions and special attention to relationships with employees and only few managed to cope decently with this challenge. Over a long period of time already, we at Electric Brand Consultants have been advising businesses on integrated communications, and now we would like to share some of our latest observations, as well as provide recommendations that will help companies use HR communications to adapt to new conditions.

The challenge or new opportunities

List Lab — creating a preventive healthcare brand

List Lab campaign

In 2019 a new company with big ambitions enters the market of laboratory in-vitro diagnostics. Eurasian Pipeline Consortium makes a new market entry with its new federal chain of diagnostics centers later called List Lab. The company wants to become a leader in Russia and form a culture of timely diagnostics and preventative medicine.

List Lab understands the social role of its services amid the dynamic and highly competitive market of diagnostics and healthcare in Russia, so the company commissioned my agency Electric Brand Consultants to work on its new brand creation.

Connecting brand with the business strategy

Healthy lifestyle has been a trend for a…

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting economies to test. Current crisis is demanding that businesses reassess their priorities and brands are under pressure to adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances. All of a sudden we woke up to a world where stock market crashes, mass bankruptcies and layoffs, deficit and quarantine have become household names. Communication agencies were among the first to experience the hurdles in the forms of ad budget reductions and postponed project launches. Meanwhile, as the social distancing grows strong, communications are as crucial as never before.

Brands at Crises

Today brands have an opportunity to invest strategically in long term…

Designing a new chapter for a chemicals industry leader

Image courtesy of the author

Today, Metafrax Group is the largest methanol producer in Russia and Europe. Methanol and its derivatives are essential for the production of thousands of everyday items, from pharmaceuticals to furniture to fuel. Over its 65 years of history and as a result of strategic acquisitions and organic growth Metafrax Group has become a company with a multi-billion revenue and production assets in Russia, Austria, and Korea.

Metafrax Group needed to bring its brand in line with its business strategy. …

Beso Turazashvili

I am a founder & CEO of an award-winning branding and communications agency Electric Brand Consultants. See more at www.electric-consultants.com

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