An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

You know what makes me the sickest, is that you had a struggle finding a job that you could live on yourself and yet you are wasting your hot air on chastising a girl who has the same troubles as you. You don’t know her life. You don’t know what her living situations are or her choices are. How dare you betray your generation and your own experiences to throw your voice in with the blogging multitude that saps off of hatred for millennials for advertising money.

I am your age. Every time I walked into a bar or a restaurant to ask for a waitress job they told me to move a long. You are fuck lucky that you are skinny and pretty enough that somebody handed you an opportunity like that, you are fuck lucky someone promoted you and you are fuck lucky that you worked in a restaurant where you could eventually earn more than the majority of our generation is earning right now, be they 25 OR 30. The majority of waitresses don’t get promoted and don’t make enough money to live on, even when they do manage to get the job. SO please do not assume that your experience is normal. 10 years of applying to BOTH waitress/retail AND high falutin’ office jobs, and the best job I could find pays me just enough for rent and food and NOT enough for doctors and medicine, despite the fact that I have health insurance through the job. I also made the choice to live alone because the last roommate I had took me for all I had and refused to pay rent, not to mention the fact that I deal with serious depression/anxiety disorders, (similar to the author of the first letter). I can’t live at home, my parents died when I was in college and the house I grew up in was sold to a contractor who ripped it down. You don’t know other people’s problems.

Just because you were fortunate enough to be able to work your way out of a bad situation doesn’t make the situation any less bad! And just because someone only mentions working at their day job doesn’t mean they aren’t working around the clock to benefit their future, even if it doesn’t profit them at the moment. For someone who claims to be a writer, I would again think you’d be the first person to understand this…

Instead of contributing hate to the discussion, why don’t you spend your clearly available free time on SOLUTIONS. Because in a world where our generation’s unemployment rate is TWICE the national average and ABOVE TWICE the rate for EVERY other age group: the fucking solution ISN’T WORK ETHIC!

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