Why You May Need To Ask For Sedation Dentistry

When you go for the dental treatment, the biggest enemy you may be facing is the fear. Dental anxiety can be of many types. You may not want to feel a person standing too close to your open mouth. You may also not want to feel the pain involved in the dental procedure. Whatever the reason may be, your dentist is the only person you can describe your concerns to.

Now, it may be difficult for many people to express their concerns to the dentist. One thing that you have to keep in mind in this regard is that you have to trust the way your dentist works. You can tell your concerns to the dentist no matter how ridiculous you think your concerns may sound. The dentist is surely going to put forward a better solution because they are the professionals and they understand that fear is a real concern regardless of what reason due to which you have this fear.

Requesting for sedation

Good news is that you can ask your dentist to give you sedation. Having that said, it would be worth mentioning the reasons why you may need to sedation before the dental procedure starts.

  • Fear of dentist is something you don’t need to be ashamed of. People belonging to every age group can have this fear and different levels. Some people are too afraid that they don’t even want to see needles touching their bodies. They need to be given oral sedation first before they are given IV sedation if it is absolutely required. If you have this anxiety disorder, you have to tell your dentist about it.
  • Another reason for the fear may be the history of painful dental works. With those memories, you may not want to undergo any dental procedure because you wouldn’t want to go through the pain again. Moreover, there are patients who have overly sensitive gag reflexes. Such patients are good candidates for sedation. There are also the people who have sensitive nerves in their oral cavities. Hence, they are going to feel the pain. Such people are also given sedation before dental procedures.
  • Fear is not the only reason you may need sedation. If you are about to undergo invasive dental procedures, you will require sedation. More specifically, the procedures which involve cutting and stitching are particularly the ones that can cause pain. The patient needs to sleep during these procedures so that the painful procedure could conclude without causing pain.

Ask your dentist

No matter for what reason you are going to require sedation, you need to discuss it with your dentist. Your dentist will be able to tell you in the better way regarding what type of sedation you need and how you are going to need it.