Best Ways to Repair Corrupt & Unreadable MP4 & MOV video files Online in 2024

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Video Repair Online

Hey everyone! 👋 So, a buddy of mine was freaking out recently because his drone crashed while he was on vacay, and now his video is unwatchable. 😱 Since I’ve been there, done that with video repairs, I thought I’d whip up this guide to help anyone else out there who’s in a jam. Let’s dive in!

First things first, don’t lose your cool. If reshooting isn’t an option, your unplayable video isn’t necessarily lost forever. Here’s the lowdown:

Why It Happens: Battery died? Drone crash? Memory card ejected mid-recording? The video’s still there, just in an unreadable format.

Pro Tip: Don’t record anything else on that memory card until you’ve tried saving the video. You might overwrite those precious moments!

Preparing for Video Repair 🛠️

You’ll need two things:

  1. The broken video file.
  2. A working file with the same settings as the broken one. Usually, this is the last video recorded before the mishap.

Repairing Video Files 🔧

Here’s where the magic happens. You’ve got three main options:

  1. Online Services
  2. Software Solutions
  3. Manual Repair by a Pro

Online Services 🌐

Uploading your files online can be slow, but it’s often worth it.


  • Perfect for non-techies.
  • No worries about software compatibility.


  • Free services are rare.
  • Big files need good internet.
  • Privacy concerns.

Watch Out For:

  • They might charge even if your file isn’t broken.
  • Verify the repair before paying.

Recommended Online Video Repair Services:

*FREE* Clever Video Repair Tool

Clever Online Free Video Repair tool

If you want a 100% free solution, this online video repair tool is your best bet.


  • 100% Free!
  • Evaluating on corruption before fixing
  • No software needed at all


  • 5 GB limit per video file
  • Not all video corruption cases covered

Try yourself: Clever Free Video Repair Tool

1. Fix.Video:

Fix. Video Video Repair Service Online

Fix.Video is one of the most popular sites for video repair. Beginners should start here. The repair quality is comparable to other leading services, sometimes better, sometimes worse. It’s one of the few online services where you can repair a video without knowing the source or having a working sample, without extra charges. For the best results, it’s still recommended to provide a sample file.


  • No file size limit for uploads, but sample files can’t exceed 8 GB.
  • Pricing isn’t listed on the site, but you can estimate by trying different file sizes. Prices start at $6 for files up to 500 MB, $9 for files between 500 MB and 2 GB, and $12 for 4 GB files. For larger files, the cost is roughly $1 per GB.
  • Subscription plans: $59 for 10 files, $79 for 25 files, or $99 for a month of unlimited files. These plans are hard to find on the site.
  • Files are stored for 3 days.


  • Can repair files with or without a sample.
  • Allows file upload continuation if internet issues occur.


  • Doesn’t identify file type before repair; attempts to repair even non-video files.
  • No user accounts for managing data or accessing repaired files from different devices.

2. Restore.Media

Restore.Media is the official site of one of the oldest video repair tools. The creator made the popular free utility repair_mp4, and now a more modern version is used for server-based video repair. A good option if other methods have failed.


  • Can upload only video or audio separately.
  • Prices start at $9.99 for a basic broken file with a sample. Costs vary based on format, type, and complexity. A file from a different camera of the same duration, size, and format could cost $15. Prices are unpredictable until after repair, but you’re not obligated to pay if unsatisfied.
  • Repair without a sample is possible but inconvenient. You must upload any playable video file to skip the sample step, then contact support to find a suitable sample. This can significantly increase repair costs.
  • Files are stored for 7 days.


  • Old, reliable tool.
  • Moderate pricing for typical cases.


  • Not the best user experience among listed services, but not overly complex either.
  • Annoying emails about file uploads and repairs.

Manual Repair by a Pro 🛠️👨‍🔧

When all else fails, call in the experts.


  • Experience and advanced methods.
  • Can fix audio and video separately.


  • They will see your video.
  • Most expensive option.

Finding a Pro:

  • Look for local data recovery specialists with good reviews.
  • Ensure they specialize in video file repairs.

Why Video Repair Might Fail 🤔

It often boils down to mismatched settings between the broken file and the sample. Cameras use tons of parameters for recording, and any discrepancy can mess things up. Ensure identical recording modes, resolutions, and frame rates.


Q: Can I repair the video without a sample?

  • A: It’s tough, but some services like Restore.Media can manage without one, though it’s cumbersome.

Q: What if I can’t see the broken file?

  • A: It might be hidden. Use specialized software like Disk Drill or GoPro Recovery to extract it first.

Q: How long should the sample be?

  • A: At least 30 seconds. For consistent repairs, longer is better.

Conclusion 🎬

There’s no one-size-fits-all fix for video repairs. Choose based on privacy, cost, and your tech skills. And remember, never overwrite data on the original storage until you’ve recovered your files. If all else fails, a pro might just be your best bet.

Good luck with your video repairs, and feel free to share your experiences or ask more questions below! 🤞🚀



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