Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

Bluetooth speakers come in handy in some of situations. Be it a meeting where you have to quick your client thru audio visual aids, a relaxing weekend street journey, or house birthday party Bluetooth speakers are the jacks for all trades. Bluetooth speakers also come in handy when it comes to hosting a musical party or you definitely love to show to your mood on your favourite tunes. Bluetooth speakers are a should have for this era. And if you want to get the first-class of sound then you will certainly need to look for the best Bluetooth speakers below 5000. if you invest in an excellent Bluetooth speaker once you can have top music on the go for a long term. here we have a list of the best Bluetooth speakers below 5000 with the best in class sound quality, super bass and top class build quality.

List of the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

1. JBL Flip 2

JBL flip 2 has been within the market for quite some time now and it is definitely an upgraded model of its predecessor. With 6W speakers the JBL flip 2 leads the list of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000. geared up with Soundclear technology the JBL flip 2 Bluetooth speakers are able to delivering louder and crisper audio experience.

2. Jabra Solemate Mini

The Jabra Soulmate Mini is a mini version of the rugged Jabra Soulmate which capabilities 2.1 set up in a small body. the two 8W speakers are pretty enough to provide high-quality bass and clear sound and the 4W woofer adds on to the clarity and pitch of the audio being played making it one of the pleasant Bluetooth speakers below 5000. The body is made of tough nice polycarbonate and rubber which makes is completely rugged to address all of the bumps and knocks.

3. Philips BT-4200/94

Phillips has been a name recognized to nearly every Indian household for a long time, and their speakers do not need any introduction sine they stand real to their quality. With smooth design and eye catching colour the Philips BT 4200 also features USB charging and Bluetooth range of up to 10 m clearly statin as to why it deserves to be listed among the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000.

4. Google Home Mini

the search engine giant recently introduced its smart speakers in India, and the most economical option is Google home Mini. This Bluetooth enabled smart speaker looks extremely stylish and it’s far powered by Google Assistant. It comes with 4 touch-sensitive top led buttons on the pinnacle and can be controlled the use of simply your voice.

no matter having a compact size, the Google home Mini surprisingly packs a punch in terms of sound. It comes with in-built Chrome cast, and you can join a couple of Google home Mini for a multi-room setup. overall, the Google home Mini is a superb value for money smart speaker.

5. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot is enable with a brand new technology called Alexa. This Alexa enable speaker allows you to talk on your speaker and play song on your voice command. This unique feature at the side of elegant design and great sound quality has allowed us to rank Amazon Echo Dot among the best Bluetooth speakers below 5000.


The JBL go is yet another creation from JBL that gives you fantastic sound and high bass. This rugged Bluetooth speaker can withstand great falls and innumerable knocks. the main USP of this Bluetooth speaker is that it packs quite a punch in a really small form.

7. Logitech X300

Logitech is a known name in terms of Bluetooth speakers and it shows why within just a short span of time it has made its area among the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000. The 300 is a great portable Bluetooth speaker for the people who love bass. The speaker may be connected via Bluetooth and aux as well. The battery backup of this Bluetooth speaker is super.

8. Zoook Rocker Torpedo (50W) Bluetooth Speaker

If you can skip at the smart aspect and need to buy a dumb Bluetooth speaker that can offer superb audio quality, in that case, Zoook Rocker Torpedo have to be your best guess. With a lowest best price below Rs 4,500, the Rocker Torpedo speaker offer robust built quality with IPX5 rated .

It comes with two 25W drivers and an in-built 5200mAh battery that could offer excellent 6–7 hours of music playback time.

9. Creative Muvo Mini Bluetooth Speaker

creative Muvo Mini ticks all the right checkboxes when it comes to a budget portable speaker. The Muvo Mini helps Bluetooth v4 with A2DP for wireless stereo Bluetooth audio. it could play music for approximately 10 hours on a single charge, and if a call comes, you may pick that too, right from the speaker. Oh, and did we tell you that it’s far IP66-certified water resistant?

10. Sony SRS-XB10 /LC Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We consider that no list of audio and sound gadget can do justice to the reader without list Sony products. The audio quality that Sony Bluetooth speakers deliver is clearly out of the box and is known to be the best in class. additionally they feature speaker pairing system which means when you have more than one of them then you may join them with each other and get the best surround sound. however the main catch of the speaker that sets it a class apart and makes it one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 is its sleek and compact design.