Best Long-Range Wifi Router 2018

We live in a globalized world and connected to the internet. Televisions, computers, mobiles, cameras and many other devices are equipped with the possibility to connect via WiFi. In view of that, we need a powerful router that guarantees the correct functioning of the internet in all the equipment that we have in our house. The ASUS RT-AC87U model is one of the best this year because it has a dual band that transfers up to 2334 Mbit / s with which you can play, play and share files without signal interruptions; It has a user-friendly interface and its 4 × 4 antenna covers up to 465 m2 of surface. Another recommendation that is worth taking into account is the TP-LINK Archer C2600, which uses 4-Stream technology capable of guaranteeing high speeds of navigation; this router comes with a Dual Core processor at 1.4 Ghz so that more equipment is connected via wifi to the robust network and high coverage offered by this router.

Shopping guide

Modern connectivity, both your PC and many devices, makes it almost essential to have a good Wi-Fi connection. Unfortunately, the equipment provided by Internet providers do not usually have the quality necessary to provide an adequate service, so it is advisable to look for alternatives. With our comparison of best wifi router for long range we present three models for you to begin to know the market, as well as some advice on the aspects that make the difference of these products.

Which Wireless Router Has The Best Range?


Main advantage:

The Wi-Fi signal that this model projects is really fast because it works with two bands, achieving a transfer of up to 2334 Mbit per second. You can cover more than 465 square meters with your wireless signal, by having 4 × 4 antennas under “MU-MIMO” and “AiRadar” technology.

Main disadvantage:

The only disadvantage of use that has been reported is that by connecting many functions or to maximize each of your connection options could have drops in Internet service; however this could be a specific case and there could be another fundamental problem, since it is a single buyer who presents the failure.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

This model provides a really powerful navigation capacity at great speeds, covering large areas without interruptions, this makes it considered one of the most recommended on our list; It has a good value for money, which makes it even more attractive.


It works with a double band that can improve in more than 50% the saturation of a network that is used by many people, so it is recommended for offices and workplaces.

The transfer of data through Wi-Fi is really fast and fluid, thanks to its rates of up to 2334 Megabytes per second, making it ideal for lovers of online games, video playback or music without interruptions. connectivity


This model is best long range wireless router for 1000 feet in the market, achieving that the connection is optimized up to 30% with the most commercialized equipment.

It works with 4 by 4 antennas, being the first model that counts on them, it gives you a coverage of total area in square meters of up to 465, and this is thanks to its MU-MIMO and AiRadar technology that allows multiple connections without affecting the development of the signal.


And how to protect the content circulating on the internet through our network and wifi, is currently very important this model includes a system called ‘AiProtection’ that gives greater security in the network almost at a level three times higher than conventional routers .

In addition, you can improve your privacy when it comes to protecting data, passwords and what you want; and has a parental control that is considered robust by its manufacturers and buyers.

Mobile app

This model allows you to access the information stored on your network through an application called AiCloud, which can be installed on smart mobile phones, Android, iOS, or simply a personalized URL.

This kind of cloud will also allow you to share content that you want through social networks and can be connected to more than one router at a time.


For greater versatility, better use of the signal and increase the speed of data transfer to other external equipment, this model incorporates a USB 3.0 port and a 2.0 port to the body of your computer.

TP-LINK Archer C2600

The model TP-LINK Archer C2600 can be considered as a powerful router for many reasons.

The first for its speed, thanks to the double band technology allows to reach 2.3 gigas of speed per second in Wi-Fi connections.

Powerful also for its processor, quad-core and 1 gigahertz speed, which is responsible for supporting all the computers in your network (PC, laptops , tablets, phones, TVs and more) without noticing loss of speed or have problems in the management. And thanks to its four built-in antennas and the Beamforming technology, which locates the exact location of the devices including those that are moving, it is responsible for enhancing the area’s Wi-Fi capability by dumping it there where it is most needed.

It also includes two USB 3.0 ports to share files or peripherals on the network, guest account to isolate the connections of your visits from your own and four high-speed LAN ports for wired connections.

TP-LINK is the best brand of powerful wifi routers in the current market, which is why your purchase will be guaranteed with this product. Here we describe the pros and cons of the Archer C2600 model of this renowned brand.


Speed: It uses a technology of double band so that the connection Wi-Fi reaches a speed of 2.3 Gigas of speed.

Processor: The Dual-Core processor at 1.4 Ghz allows to manage a good data transfer in each of the devices connected to the router.

Versatility : The two included USB interface ports 3.0, makes it easy to use your storage devices directly on the router to transfer data to and from them autonomously to the computer.

Access: Through the Tether application you can configure the device from your mobile devices, adjust the parental control and monitor who connects to your network.


Space: This router has dimensions (32 x 24 x 9.5 cm) that can not be considered compact.

Netgear R7000–100PES Nighthawk

If your power requirements are not that high and you are looking for a tighter option the Netgear R7000–100PES Nighthawk model will be of interest to you.

It continues to offer a powerful speed of up to 1900 megabytes per second in Wi-Fi connection with optimized dual-band technology, which you can also configure directly to optimize the operation of certain devices such as game consoles, Smart TV and other devices.

It also has Beamforming technology, which is responsible for bringing the network exactly to the place where it is needed, locating the connected elements at all times.

Security is guaranteed through encryption systems that prevent access to those who should not be in your network, and can also configure it directly from your mobile, so that you always have the maximum control over your wifi.

If you still do not know which powerful wifi router to buy , you can choose between the cheapest this model, but first you must know the positive and negative aspects of this equipment that we describe below which qualifies as the long range wifi router for 1km.


Power: With the system of three antennas and the double band technology this router reaches a speed of 1900 megabytes per second.

Location: Beam forming technology allows each connected device to be located to boost the Wi-Fi signal to that equipment, improving connection performance.

Privacy: Your security is guaranteed with the encryption system that protects your data from intruders and hackers.

Configuration: Its installation is very simple and you can also control it from your mobile to keep a watch on your network.


Dependency: You need a primary modem to access the internet because it is a neutral router.


Although the specialty of Asus are not the powerful wifi routers, the ASUS RT-AC87U model shows that they know what they are playing.

This router is equipped with a dual band technology that allows you to transmit data at a speed of up to 2334 megabytes per second, more than enough to share files or play online without having just lag or delay.

A huge power in terms of speed that is combined with the wide coverage of its four antennas.

In contrast to other models, these antennas create a radial environment with an approximate coverage of 465 square meters from the point of installation, where maximum speed of operation is guaranteed. And if what worries you is security, the AiProtection technology of Tren Micro is in charge of keeping away the intruders and spies of your network, even having an app for your mobile with which to have always controlled the network.

Nowadays it is practically indispensable to have Wi-Fi connection at home or in the office, and in this comparative guide we want to help you in your choice. Below we explain the features that identify the ASUS RT-AC87U as the best powerful Wi-Fi router of the moment so that you know the product well.


Coverage: With the four built-in antennas a radial environment is created providing a powerful coverage of 465 m 2 from the point of installation.

Security: Your network will be free of intruders and your data protected from computer spies with the technology Air Protection Micro Train with which you can encrypt the configuration of the router to protect your information.

Speed: The double band technology guarantees a speed of 2334 megabytes per second so that the transfer of your files is uninterrupted.

Technology: You can create your user network through AiRadar and multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) technologies that allow high performance while more users connect.

Interface: The installation is totally intuitive in the web process which can be done in less than a minute and through a mobile application you can make the necessary adjustments without relying on the computer.

How to use a powerful Wi-Fi router

Today, we live in a completely globalized world where all people in some way or another can keep in touch even being thousands of kilometers away, thanks to the internet network that works through telephone lines.

Also, there are devices called router that even help to provide the Internet through Wi-Fi so that people can navigate from their cell phones, tablet , iPad and even laptops.

So carry out an easy installation, configuration and management of it will be very effective to be able to navigate even through social networks quickly and effectively, without the need for much wiring and discomfort.

Unpack the Wi-Fi router

To begin using your new Wi-Fi router correctly, you must carry out an easy unpacking of it. So you only have to open the box where the same one is supplied, to remove the different parts that make it up.

Thus, you should take into account that the instruction manual will be essential to resolve any questions you have when installing it, so unpacking it carefully without generating any type of damage will also be paramount. In addition, after having removed all the packaging material available in the package you can even recycle it to positively contribute a grain of sand to nature.

Connect the Wi-Fi router to your computer

To carry out a connection process through the Wi-Fi router and your computer, it will be essential that you can verify in the instruction manual each of the steps to follow. It should be noted that after having connected everything correctly, you will have to turn on both devices, that is, both the router and your computer to start with the configuration.

Configure the Wi-Fi router

Once you have connected and powered both devices, you must access the configuration process of your Wi-Fi router to maintain a secure wireless connection. In this way, you will first have to protect your network using some secret key, in order to prevent some computer specialists intruders from accessing all your information illegally.

Download the mobile App

Depending on the model you have chosen, you could even download a mobile application through which you can configure your wireless network without having to make direct contact with your computer.

In this way, it would be wise to verify in the instruction manual what the name of the App would be that corresponds to the router model you have at home, since for some models corresponds the application called AiCloud while for others the so-called App is devised Tether

Enjoy the reach of your new Wi-Fi router

In the case of a best wireless router for home, you can access the wireless network from different locations depending on the level of reach offered by the model you have chosen.

In this sense, some routers offer you a range of up to 1000 Feet so you can maintain access to the Internet from any available space in your home, so consider this feature when putting your new device into use will be essential to Have an idea of ​​the scope you will have at your disposal to be able to use it.

The most popular brands

When it comes to being able to access Best wifi Router For Long-Range, the truth is that the routers that telecom operators offer us by default do not have the necessary quality, especially if we have many network devices or we want to handle high levels of speed. That’s why, in order to squeeze this network, have a powerful Wi-Fi router, with which to reach these levels of speed that the network can really offer. And if you do it with one of the first level brands that we will see below you can have the peace of mind of a secure and stable network without too much cost.

The Taiwanese company Asus emerged in 1989 after the departure of four disgruntled engineers who until then had been working to do. The need to have new technological competitors in the country, coupled with the discrimination that Intel submitted to Japanese companies regarding the supply of processors and components, led these engineers to found the company to supply what Intel delayed and be able to adequately equip the companies of the country.

With the passage of time, the success of the company would be such that it would jump to sell directly to the consumer, offering products such as motherboards, graphic accelerators and many more. An extension of the range that would make the company take the leap to mobile telephony in 2004 or the new television sets in 2008.

In all this vortex, the company also makes the leap to communications equipment, taking advantage of existing technology, to offer quality routers designed precisely under the Japanese connection standards, one of the fastest in the market. Something that has led to its network products, such as powerful Wi-Fi routers, to have a good reception in the market and a good assessment by users.

The history of TP Link has always been linked to the world of the Internet and network, being currently one of the largest operators in this market. The company was founded in 1996 by the Chao brothers, who gave rise to it based on the invention of a network card they had developed and that would soon become their first business success. In 1998 the first switch would arrive, developed entirely by the company, whose good work would be recognized with the ISO quality certification that was granted in the year 2000.

In the case of products for wireless networks, these would arrive in 2003, initially at 11 mbps and later extended to the 802.11 standard. a commitment to technology that is currently presented in powerful N-type routers, dual band and capacity to have high connection speeds, according to the networks that we are finally having available in our homes.

We change from continent to go to California. This region is where the headquarters of the Netgear company, founded in 1996 and which has been focusing its products on networks for more than 20 years, is located. However, the company has focused its products mainly on the domestic market and the small business market, so that the products offered by it have the design that we really need in our homes and small offices to be able to work properly.

Among these products we find network cards, print servers, basic data systems in NAS network and others such as the powerful wifi routers that we are discussing in this article. As with its competitors, these products have achieved adequate development at the technological level, supporting the Wifi / N connectivity system as well as the dual band connection approach, in order to take advantage of the speed that is increasingly implemented through modern fiber connections.