2018 BEST ADBLOCK for Firefox

Firefox is one of the most used browsers in the world, and the platform has a number of tools, referred to as extensions to enhance one’s internet use. One of the most irritating things about the internet and websites has to be pop-up ads that you seem to have no control over. Thankfully there are plenty of powerful extensions for Firefox called Ad Blockers that allow you to stop the annoying pop-up ads. To help you select the Adblock extension for you here are the 5 best adblock tools for Firefox.


Incognito Adblocker is the most effective Adblock extension for Firefox that blocks all those annoying ads easily. Its beautiful UI has no competitor and it is by far the easier to use among all of the. This easy to use Adblock extensions uses the latest filter lists used by the most popular ad blockers (uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus). The extension is light on resources and its real winning qualities are the fact it reduces your use of bandwidth, RAM and CPU simultaneously. It focuses a lot in privacy protection and it has a few extra features than none other adblock has implemented yet.

Download Incognito Adblocker


Adblock by its very name is one of the most trusted Adblock extensions for Firefox. Adblock has a comprehensive list of features that include antivirus and anti-malware besides of blocking absolutely ALL ads on ANY website, to make surfing the net safer even in YouTube. Adblock improves overall browsing speed and the browsing experience considerably.

Download Adblock


Adguard Adblocker is a powerful Firefox extension and is best known for its ability to block annoying ads on Youtube and other video and streaming sites. With a built on spyware and tracking feature, Adguard Adblocker can also block you from being traced on the internet. The extension also has innovative social media controls that allow all those annoying “like this” buttons to go away.

Download Adguard Adblocker


As its name suggests, uBlock AdBlock Plus is a for between the “fathers” of ad blocking: uBlock and Adblock Plus. The current version of uBlock Adblock Plus is considered one of the fastest AdBlock extensions for Firefox in 2018. uBlock gives the user tremendous control over their browsing and ad blocking experience with the convenient power button that permits the user to switch the extension off for a particular site being viewed effectively whitelisting sites you deem free of ads. uBlock Adblock Plus, like most other Adblock extensions for Firefox, is light on resources and reduces bandwidth usage.

Download uBlock Adblock Plus


Ghostery Adblocker is one of the most used and most respected Adblock extension for Firefox. Making your browsing experience clutter-free, improving your online privacy as well as increasing your online safety are key reasons why many people use Ghostery. Page load speeds are hardly affected with this clever Adblock solution, and users are presented with an enjoyable, safe and fast browsing experience. With a number of enhanced features that block the ads that other tools often miss Ghostery Adblocker is an innovative choice for the discerning internet user.

Download Ghostery for Firefox

There are many Adblock extensions for Firefox, and each of the 5 listed above has been tested and used. Firefox does have a high level of security and safety built into the browser, and for many users, this is enough. However, the use of Adblock extensions is recommended if you want faster internet browsing that uses less bandwidth and these 5 Adblock solutions will deliver that and more.

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