10 techniques for those who always wanted to understand dogs

Understanding the signs that the dog gives your body is an important condition for the full and harmonious relationships with four-legged friend.

BestAdvisor offers you 15 illustrations that will help to understand what wants to tell your pet or accidentally encountered in the yard dog. Read and become friends with the dogs, because it is an inexhaustible source of positive emotions.


Wagging the tail, lowering it down

If the dog slowly wags its tail, it doesn’t understand what is happening and asks what you want from it. If the dog is wagging quickly lowered tail — it admits that you’re the boss.

The tail is shaken a little and raised straight up

Dog throws a challenge to your authority, as he considers himself now in charge of this situation.

The tail is preloaded and hidden between the hind legs

This is an indication that the dog is scared, afraid of pain or experiencing discomfort. If the obvious reasons for concern, and while your pet is often the tail is short, you should show it to the vet.


Eyes are wide open and wary

So the dog draws your attention. It challenges and expects you to firmly answer.

The dog narrows his eyes, blinks

This means that it’s ready to play. But if the dog frequently narrows its eyes, it might have an Allergy or other disease, and you need to show pet specialist.


Ears are upright or tilted forward

So the dog shows curiosity and responds to a new event in its environment.

Ears are pressed to the head

This means that the dog is afraid. Sometimes the pet can be omitted only one thing, more often the left ear. This is a defensive reaction against the people whom the dog doesn’t know or fears.



This is a sign that the dog is annoyed or nervous. Often small puppies yawn when they are between adults and strange dogs. But if the pet began to yawn followed by the host, so he was very attached to him.

Licks face

The dog behaves when under stress, pressure or feeling threatened.

Shows teeth, but not growling

So the dog protects its territory. Also, pet behaves like this when eating.

The position of the body

Lies back and inserts the stomach

The dog shows therefore, the trust and wants to please you. If you pat the dog on the belly at this point, you praise her for this behavior.

Lays its head on the knee of the master

The dog attracts attention and shows that you want it. Also, pet can touch the nose of the master’s hands, alluding to the fact that its stroked.

Puts his paw on my knee

If this gesture is made with the demonstrative form of the dog trying to dominate. Trainers recommend at this moment to see the dog in the eye and smack his paw.

Lifts a front paw

Taking such a position, the dog expresses any request. Perhaps it is hungry or wants to play. Sometimes dogs, especially hunting breeds behave when you notice something interesting.

Turns its back to you

Thus four-legged friend shows that it trusts you.


Flicking a non-existent water, so the dog gets rid of stress.

Love your four-legged friends and take care of them with us!
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