How to Choose the Right Gaming Keyboard 2016

Every detail is very important for gamers. After all, even a second can greatly affect the outcome of the game. Therefore, the active player is important to have good equipment. In this post, I will tell how to choose a gaming keyboard.

Choosing a good gaming keyboard

Let’s list the most important and useful functions that should include a gaming keyboard:

  1. Most of the gamers play in the night time. That is why there is such useful function as the backlit keyboard. Because buttons are easy to read and fewer errors during the game. To read more about these type of keyboards: BACKLIT KEYBOARDS
  2. Manufacturers came up keyboards with rubberized keys for the best sensitivity and controllability. And in the case of wear, you will easily be able to replace them with a special key;

3. The more expensive models of keyboards have a special built-in memory. You don’t have to constantly adjust to a certain game. The keyboard will remember all of your profiles under various toys. Incomparably convenient feature. To read more: Best Gaming Keyboards

4. Also, it should be included a function of programming additional buttons in the gaming keyboard. You can use them for your own purposes, which will perform you certain commands in the game. Or you can even specify a sequence of actions macros. To read more: Gaming Keyboard

5. Also, the keyboard may include additional inputs for connection with devices such as a microphone, headphones and have a USB port;

6. Gaming keyboards have a special gaming mode. In this mode, the Windows key becomes inactive and you can’t accidentally push it during the game;

7. Some keyboards have an extra screen for your convenience. This LCD screen displays information about the game statistics and performance of your computer.

If you can’t decide between a wired or wireless keyboard, you make a choice in favor of the first. Wired models have a greater response during the game, don’t back-pedal and they don’t need to constantly change the batteries.

The best in gaming keyboards are considered to be manufacturers such as SteelSeries and Razer. More affordable, but also considered worthy companies such as SVEN and A4Tech.

Choosing a keyboard, think only about your feelings when touching it. After all, it is your personal keyboard and you will use it every day. If you play mainly shooting games, the keyboard with many extra buttons may not be useful. But if you prefer to play strategy games and MMORPG, you definitely need extra buttons on your keyboard anywhere.

Productive gaming to you!