How to pack your suitcase to avoid wrinkles: walkthrough

Did you know that there is a way by which you can pack in your suitcase and avoid wrinkles?

How to avoid wrinkles on the clothes, which survived the transportation in the suitcase? Of course, you can take a travel iron, but you can just pack them correctly, using “bundling method”. Because it is easy, fast and efficient.

So, let’s start picking your clothes.

Start the packing process with jackets or sweatshirts, lay it horizontally on a hard surface.

Put a jacket on a shirt face up, but in the opposite direction, overlapping the stuff on the sleeves. Make the same operation with the other shirts, placing them in the opposite direction to the previous one.

Place horizontally a pair of jeans or a long dress, sticking the belt on the left.

Put down another pair of pants or a skirt on the opposite side. Then alternate sweaters on the North and South, short to the East and the West. When done, place in a mid — construction — the object around which you will tie all your clothes (for example, a cosmetic bag).

Proceed to alternately wrap each thing in the opposite direction around the nucleus. Jackets with long sleeves and dresses — wrap the sleeves first, then the foundation.

Carefully place a tightly rolled clothes in the suitcase and secure them with the aid of internal straps. Ready!

Illustrative video of this process: