Selfie-stick is the most popular accessory for those who like to do selfies. Millions of people post photos to all social networks with the hashtags #selfiestick. None of photo accessories did not cause such an explosive mixture of emotions from love and hatred. Today we will tell you things to be aware of using a selfie-stick.

The past couple of years can rightly be considered the year of selfies.

Taking into account the popularity of selfies, it’s not surprisingly, began to appear a variety of accessories for selfie such as a selfie stick, which makes a lot of noise.

You can actively use a monopod for your selfies or to consider it another unnecessary thing, but the fact remains: thousands of people every day make photo using a selfie stick.

What about it’s worth to remember, using a selfie-stick

1. Watch for trends

Post to Instagram photos from the category “my cat took a selfie” is not cool.

It’s cool to make photos such as “my cat has done selfie using a selfie stick”.

2. Show yourself in all your glory

Forget about selfies which you did without a selfie stick. Now you will get the full photo completely!

3. Take pictures all at once

Now you do not need to do a selfie with each friend in turn. Fit all at once. Oh, and that cute boy on the background too.

4. Find the ideal camera angle

Why take pictures of yourself when with the monopod you can show much more?

5. Remember the fortune telling v. 2.0

6. Shoot a cool video

Simple photography itself is no surprise, but to make a selfie video is an another matter.

7. No superstitions!

Don’t think that only girls make photo using a selfie stick.

8. Remember that the selfie-stick is a multifunctional tool

9. Read the user manual carefully

Although there is nothing difficult to deal with a selfie-stick, read the manual and watch video reviews will not be superfluous. There is a lot of information in the Internet which will help you to deal with your model of the monopod for the selfie. Remember that selfie stick tends to be of two types: with a separate shutter button the camera shutter button on the camera on the handle of the monopod.

If you don’t have a selfie stick…

Think, perhaps, you don’t need it ;)

Did you make photos using a selfie stick? Even if you are not a fan of selfies, you will shift your mind if you purchase one. Be sure, it is a real fun! Check out a review on the Best Selfies Sticks right now! Best Selfie Sticks 2016