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Pandit Amma Bhagwati
Mar 28 · 3 min read

Numerology is one of the best companions of astrology and the two have been closely related over a period of many years. The study of numbers and their powerful impact on the life of an individual can be explained as numerology. This predictive science uses numbers in the same way as astrology uses the movements and positions of the planets for foretelling the past, present, and future of human beings. Numerology is an integral part of the ancient Indian and Vedic scriptures and the study of numbers in Sanskrit is famously known as the ancient Indian Sankhya shastra. It is believed that each and every number from 1 to 9 has its own vibrations and impacts on an individual. Numerology is done on the basis of calculations of the numbers in one's birth date. The numbers varying from one to nine have an affinity and correlate with the nine planet.

Pandit Amma Bhagwati is one of the top astrologers in Melbourne and has achieved a class-apart name for her in offering astrological solutions with the help of numerology.

By totaling the number of your full name, the resulted number is called your soul number and is reflective of your personality and your individual traits. The result of the numbers from only the date of your birth can be elemental in finding of your interpersonal relationships with your spouse, family members, friends etc.

The total of your entire birth date including the month and the year is judgemental in finding out about your profession, finance wealth etc. A conflict between your name numbers and birth numbers can often lead to misfortune and troubles in life. With our astrology services in Melbourne we aim to help you with making significant changes in your life by solving the problems through the use of numerology. Changing ones birth date is not possible but changing the name numbers through adding or removing alphabets can be very beneficial in paving way for good luck and prosperity.

PanditAmma Bhagwatiji hails from India and has established herself as a distinguished astrologer in Melbourne with her proficient and accurate predictions. Other then numerology she has mastered the art of prediction through the various mediums of psychic reading and is without a doubt Melbourne’s best astrologer. Having dedicated her life completely to the purpose of bringing a smile on the face of people around her and completely removing all troubles from their life, Amma ji , a gold medallist for 35 times in the field of astrology has won hearts all over the world with her hard work and dedication to this field.

If you and your loved ones are under a crisis and are looking for a way out to bring peace and harmony back in your life, consult Pandit Amma Bhagwati today who under the guidance of her psychic methods is sure to bring about some remarkable positive changes in your life.



Call: +61–47066–6663

Address: Unit 1/10–12 James St, Dandenong VIC 3175

Pandit Amma Bhagwati

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Pandit Amma Bhagwati is a skilful and an experienced astrologer in Australia.

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