Easton Ronin Softball Bat Review

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4 min readMay 23, 2023
Easton Ronin Softball Bat Review

Crafting the perfect softball experience hinges upon the selection of an appropriate bat, as it can be the determining factor between triumph and defeat for any player. Regardless of whether one participates in baseball or softball, each batter possesses a unique playing style. Hence, we present a comprehensive review of the Easton Ronin softball bat tailored specifically for softball players.

The 2021 Ronin 240 softball bat stands as one of the premier choices for slowpitch softball batters. Easton, renowned in the sports industry for its unwavering dependability, has solidified its reputation as an eminent provider of sporting equipment.

In this article, we meticulously examine all the features of the 2021 Easton Ronin 240 softball bat. Furthermore, we conduct an analysis of its advantages and disadvantages to assist you in determining if this bat aligns with your requirements.

Review of the Easton Ronin Softball Bat

The primary objective of this Easton Ronin softball bat review is to elucidate the unique attributes that distinguish this bat from its counterparts. The differentiating factor lies in its superior build quality, which is a testament to Easton’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Crafted with a premium alloy blend and employing precision design techniques, the Ronin 240 outshines its competitors in terms of performance and handling capabilities.

The bat’s construction ensures an optimal blend of power and control, allowing batters to swing with maximum force while maintaining precision. With its optimized balance, this softball bat enables players to effectively connect with a wide range of pitches.

Moreover, the bat’s exceptional power can be attributed to its 12-inch length and 2.25-inch diameter barrel. Additionally, the 29/32" ultrathin tapered handle is accompanied by a 1.2 mm HyperSkin bat grip.

With these exceptional features, the Ronin softball bat delivers outstanding performance on the field. Having provided an overview of our Easton Ronin softball bat review, it is now crucial to explore its merits and drawbacks, as even the finest bats possess certain limitations.

Advantages of the Ronin Softball Bat

  1. Exceptional Handling: Boasting proprietary technology from Easton, the Ronin 240 offers unrivaled handling, positioning itself among the market’s elite. Whether a novice or a seasoned pro, softball batters of all levels will find this bat exceptionally comforting. The HyperSkin grip guarantees a secure hold, while the bat’s barrel provides an ideal sweet spot that strikes the perfect balance between size and precision. As a result, batters can effortlessly hit those awe-inspiring home runs.
  2. Elite Performance: The overall build quality of the Easton Ronin empowers players to consistently connect with even the most challenging pitches. Through rigorous testing against pitchers and top-tier softball pitching machines, we unequivocally concluded that this bat is an ideal choice for the majority of softball batters. Embrace the Ronin, and witness an improvement in your batting average and ERA as you grow accustomed to its superior capabilities.
  3. Striking Design: While exceptional performance is paramount, the aesthetic appeal of a baseball or softball bat is also highly desirable. Easton recognized this factor during the design phase, resulting in a visually captivating deep red and black color scheme that simultaneously instills confidence. Any pitcher who spots this bat on the field will immediately recognize your unwavering determination. Showcase your prowess and enjoy the game to the fullest.
  4. Affordable Pricing: Although we have delved into the bat’s features, design, performance, and quality, we have yet to address its price. Rest assured, this bat is affordably priced, catering to both high school and college softball players. Easton has a long-standing reputation for producing and offering baseball and softball gear across a wide range of price points.

Disadvantages of the Ronin Softball Bat

  1. Thin Handle: One notable aspect to consider is that the Ronin 240 features an ultra-thin handle. While this may pose a challenge for those who are new to the game, experienced players should be able to adapt to it relatively easily. The thin handle may affect the ability to hit a baseball effectively, but with practice and adjustment, this issue can be overcome.
  2. Single Size: Another minor drawback we observed in our Easton Ronin softball bat review is that the bat is available in only one length size and two weights. This limitation means that not all softball batters will find the bat suitable for their preferences and playing style.

Should You Purchase the Ronin Softball Bat?

Having reached this juncture, it is essential for both you and I to contemplate whether this softball bat is the right fit for you. Upon examining the bat’s features, performance, and price, it becomes evident that it caters specifically to players seeking to enhance their skills and performance in softball.

If you are a softball batter with a genuine interest in the sport and a desire to elevate your game, the Easton Ronin softball bat presents a compelling choice. Ensure that the bat’s length and weight align with your personal preferences, and embark on a journey toward improved performance and success.


Our comprehensive Easton Ronin softball bat review has meticulously covered every facet of this remarkable bat, showcasing its outstanding performance on the field. For aspiring softball batters looking to enhance their statistics and make a lasting impact, the Ronin softball bat represents a solid investment.

We hope you acquire this bat and take it to the field to experience its exceptional qualities firsthand.