Plenitude Formula Scam Review — Millions Scammed!

The Plenitude Formula software is the most recent binary automated scam to grace the binary trading world. This scam software was introduced just a few hours ago and has already scammed thousands of people all over the world. The Plenitude Formula was created by George Ackerman and was solely developed to drain users trading accounts with a blink of an eye. It should be noted that the Plenitude Formula has gone viral thanks to their email marketing team that has sent thousands of invites to lure unsuspecting online investors. In this transparent warning scam review, we will expose the entire scam operation that George and his team have been operating. It is our duty as trusted and approved binary option experts that we prevent innocent people from being scammed out of their hard earned money. Be sure to read through our expose as we will provide proof without doubt that Plenitude Formula is indeed a scam that should be avoided at all costs.


The Developer

When you watch the video presentation, you will see George Ackerman claiming to be the sole owner, CEO and Developer of the Plenitude Formula. He claims that this is a fairly new automated trading robot that generates $10K to $70K every day. He promises to make newbie users millionaires within a month. The Presentation video is very disappointing and takes very little time to say the least. The truth is that George Ackerman is a Fiverr paid actor who will say or do anything to get paid. We know for a fact that he got paid $5 for every fifty words he spoke on the presentation video. The testimonials by people who claim to have used and won all thanks to the Plenitude Formula is a bunch of dishonest people who are paid to say or do anything.

Plenitude Formula Scam Review

Scam Revealed

The fact is that all those people who are used to promote the Plenitude Formula are nothing but paid actors. This promise of raking in tens of thousands in cash is unreal and not going to happen anytime soon. We do not even know which algorithm this software uses let alone the indicators the app uses. There are indeed real and approved binary trading apps that have been known to make profits in the binary trading world. The markets are always volatile and for an app to make that much money in a day is rather selling itself too much making it a scam.

Our Conclusion

Plenitude Formula Scam Review

It is without a doubt that the Plenitude Formula Software is one of the most dangerous scams that we have seen this year. We are simply selling the truth that making over $70K per day especially in any financial market is hard and next to impossible. There is no way that this app can predict with more than 100% accuracy the price changes of commodities. We therefore have no option but to flag the Plenitude Formula as one of the most dangerous binary trading scams to grace the trading world and should be avoided like the plague.


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