Red Line — Disadvantage of This Radar Detector

Escort Red Line is really a good radar detector. This radar detector is the top high end radar detector now which can give you comprehensive protection. This product is easily can turn off all threats by warn you before the threat can harm. No one can deny the benefit of this radar detector. It’s is the longest range and one of the most sensitive radar detector. All kind radar detector in United States can be detected easily by Escort Red Line. However this radar still has something that make user uncomfortable. Want to know disadvantage of this radar detector let’s check here ( If you want to find out advantage of Escort Red Line, let’s check my previous article).

Escort Red Line Can’t Detect Ku band

Ku band is the band which don’t use in United States. It only use in Europe for police device. This band is really hard to detect and fortunately , this band is not available in United States. However, you should know that nothing last forever. Who know one day, Ku band is the most popular band in United States. That also is disadvantage of this radar detector. Escort Red Line can give you everything. However detecting Ku band is what this one can’t do for you. This is really a mistake from Escort when they don’t improve this feature. I believe that if Escort want to expand their market to Europe. Detecting Ku band is what they need to do if they want to take market share in Europe.

Escort Red Line Can’t Detect Red Line

Sound Funny. But that true. Escort Red Line really can’t detect red light camera. I don’t know why Escort give that name to this superstar why this radar detector doesn’t have GPS and defender database to detect red light or speed trap camera. Without GPS and defender database, Escort Red Line really can’t compare with newest radar detector about filtering alert. This radar detector may be one of the best and longest radar detector. But that’s about detection performance. You can’t expect a lot for false alert filter from Escort Red Light. This one doesn’t have Escort radar detector defender database — one of the best radar detector database now. This database will collect false alert location so that the radar detector using it can easily detect false alert location near us. This is really big mistake when Escort don’t invest this feature for Escort Red Light.

Source: Morav Blog

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