Why You Should Choose Kenya As Your Next Holiday Vacation Spot?

Being located in East Africa, Kenya has full of beauty, culture and incredible range of wildlife to explore. In fact, you can see here snow capped mountains, dense forests to the lush tropical coastlines of the Indian Ocean. The safari itineraries available for Kenya can be perfect alternative for families with kids and adults of all ages. In short and simple words, Kenya offers excellent game-viewing facilities and unique activities to enjoy. Though this country has a lot on offer, so as a safari enthusiast you can expect life changing experiences across its sightings, which are extremely beautiful that you can possibly imagine.
 Great Wildlife Concentration
 The versatile and vibrant land of Kenya is the perfect destination for maximum adventure and pleasurable experiences. Due to the existence of vast, dense forests, you can get to see abundance of wildlife, including all of the Big Five (Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and Hyena), zebras, wildebeest, antelope and much more. Hence, you can get quality wildlife viewing opportunities throughout a year; but the ultimate game viewing time is during the dry season; which falls from June to October.
 Year-round Wildlife Encounters
 Do you know that Kenya is a year-round safari destination? Well, the peak time for a holiday vacation Kenya typically depends upon the rainfall. But it’s specifically in August, when the wildebeest migration reaches to the northern Serengeti and animal herds start to cross into the Masai Mara. In the month of October, they can move back to the Serengeti. These months are considered as the high season for tourism. However, the park is quite peaceful during the low season and prices for safari vacation in Kenya are quite reasonable as well. If you want to watch the majestic wildebeest migration, then you should make your ways to Kenya in the rainy season as the herds are just starting their expedition into Kenya and the lush plains of the Mara.

Wonderful Local Culture
 When taking a Kenya holiday vacation, you’ll be sure of soaking yourself in the country’s culture. The amazing cultures of Kenya include the Masai, Samburu, Swahili and Kikuyu; which are maintaining their traditions years after years. However, you’ll know that there are over 60 different spoken languages in Kenya. Apart from languages, the inhabitants of Kenya are steeped in music and stories; which are used to pass on history and customs from generation to generation.