Webinar Replay: Searching for Visibility and Loyalty

Here is our 3rd interview in our Cannabis Marketing Webinar series.

Join as we hear from Matthew Eaton and David Metzel, AlgoRythym. They are experts on marketing on Google with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

AlgoRhythm SEO is a national firm headquartered in Denver, CO. Since 2007, they have helped hundreds of clients do billions in additional revenue, with more customers and with less effort on the part of marketing departments.

One of the insights they share is that Cannabis consumers are more strain loyal than they loyal to any one dispensary. They will go where they know they can find the strain they are looking for. When they start their search, they use Google to inform them who has that particular strain in stock. This one shift in strategy can transform any dispensary business’s bottom line.

And a lot more…

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