Why and when to seek help from Bed Bug Exterminators?

Bed bugs are the fastest growing pest control emergency in the developed world today and so in the need for bed bug exterminators growing day by day. Here are few things you should know about when and why to seek help from bed bug exterminators:

• Bed bugs scientifically are known as CIMEX LECTULARIUS and are considered one of the worst human blood sucking parasites.

• Bed bugs have fed on human beings for at last 3500 years.

• Eggs and adult bed bugs die under 10 minutes if exposed to temperature above 460 C.

• Hence bed bug exterminator uses heat or steam to control the infestation.

• Though bed bugs and ant exterminators can survive over a year without any meal, few exterminators use the way of isolation to kill bed bugs under certain temperature.

• The process of pest control takes place in three basic steps: Sanitation, Elimination and Protection.

• As bed bugs only feed at night, for normal people it is hard to find the infested areas. In this case professional help of bed bug exterminators should be taken.

• Bed bugs generally are attracted to heat and that’s how they know someone is sleeping.

• Bed bugs are flat, brown, wingless and about 5 mm or one fourth of an inch in size, which makes it even harder to find out the infested area.

• Young bed bugs are called Nymphs discard their skin five times before reaching in maturity.

• Each time they discard skin they need a meal of blood.

• Thus immediate help should be taken in case of infestation.

• Bed bugs and their eggs are not only found in bed, they can be found under the bed, corners of the bed lining and behind the wallpapers etc. thus need from beginning to end cleaning.

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