Invest in your future today with Cryptograin!

Cryptograin platform:

  • Cryptograin is a service that gives everyone the opportunity to save conveniently, safely, and hassle-free. It’s a mobile and web-based application that forces to save by rounding off your transactions. When you are shopping , say, for shoes, and a pair costs $29.49, Cryptograin will round the figure off when you pay via the credit card you added to the system, and it will send the difference to your wallet.
  • If you have selected the option to automatically convert the amount to cryptocurrency, Cryptograin will do that, too.
  • Cryptograin will do this every time you make a purchase via your credit card. And, every time you receive money transfer, Cryptograin will round off the amount and put the difference to your wallet, too.

Easy mechanism of work:

  1. Cryptograin also enables you to grow your wealth by making a scheduled fund transfer to your wallet.
  2. Cryptograin is allowing you to force-save a certain amount, say, a dollar each day, or $5 weekly, or $15 monthly; it all depends on you.
  3. All this money would have been uselessly spent elsewhere, and Cryptograin is preventing this from happening.

In the mobile application Cryptograin, the user gets access to a digital wallet, which will help to accumulate funds in Fiat or in crypto-currencies, make payments and perform exchange operations using a clear interface.

Funds transferred to a personal account are automatically exchanged for the currency I have chosen or for crypto currency. Thus, the accumulation process is performed without the direct involvement of the user.

One of the main tasks of Cryptograin is to facilitate the mass adoption and involvement of users in the ecosystem of accumulation of digital assets, by providing a quality and simple instrument of accumulation. 
Average users may have very little experience with the use of crypto currency and, most likely, do not have an easy way to acquire crypto-currencies.
In addition, the mass consumer always has fears over new and innovative technologies, there are difficulties in using available tools and capabilities. In the mobile application of the Cryptograin service, the user gets access to his electronic wallet, in which, using a simple and convenient user interface, it is possible to accumulate in the currency and crypto-currencies, make payments, and perform exchange transactions.


Token Details:
Name: CGR
Token Sale: June 25-August 29, 2018
Total Stock: 17 000 000
Total Volume Allocated For Sale: 12 750 000
Starting Price: 1 CGR = 1$

It is important that each individual participant of Cryptograin platform will have at his/her disposal a copy of his/her data, which will protect against any kind of fraud.

Cryptograin token is easily and quickly transferred between the participants as a guarantee of payment for services. Transactions are executed at any time, and can also be exchanged from cryptocurrency into fiat money directly in a user’s wallet.

The roadmap:

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