Do you believe Advertisement?

Do you believe advertisements? Because I kind of not. Since my early years of watching TV, I never really believe advertisements. The typical type of them are the ones with celebrities as presenters. We all know those celebrities don’t really use the products and we know heavy touch-ups and Photoshop is added to make those skins glow and hair shiny. And we know that many times that we try those products on, it’s not as good as it claims to be in the advertisement at all. Yet, during 20 years of my life, I see very little difference of how TV commercials change their strategy. They still use celebrities to tell and show how the products are great.

Come on!, it didn’t work then, it doesn’t work now. Especially now that we have new media. In the world of old media, it is separate between producers and consumers of media. Consumers don’t have many choices. They have to listen to what the producers offer. But now, young generations are spending more time on the internet than on television. They are more connected than ever and are allowed to express themselves more than they’ve ever been. It’s a worldwide digital community where everyone can share their thoughts, opinions and interests. There, a new sense of community is formed. Community of the people that use to have the same function in the society…being consumers. They developed trust among them consumers. And when consumers are now allowed to produce their own contents, things like DIY stuffs, tips, reviews, tutorials of individuals emerged. And it becomes something people trust and appreciate because it’s more real and relatable. It’s become official now that people believe other consumers in blogs and reviews more than commercials. Media disrupts and has changed attitudes of making decision in buying.

Snack review. People believe this kind of personal content more than advertisements

As a consequence of changing attitude of selecting products, marketing strategy changes too. Companies nowadays try to relate to their audiences using forms of media such as video, post, and blog to show a more personal product experience. Many bloggers and YouTubers that have a lot of followers are given free products by companies to review or talk about so that their millions of followers will see. Some companies even pay bloggers and YouTubers to say nice things about their products.

These companies know that the followers like, trust, believe, or relate to the internet figures they follow. Thus, what the figure say will have impact on their perception on the company’s product and the decision to buy them.

Media is disrupting people’s attitudes and lifestyles as much as it disrupts how we do business nowadays. Not only in terms of business marketing strategy, but also in terms of creating new business or new way of making money like those internet celebrities who are paid to review products or gain money from advertisements on their sites.

As you can see from the video above, Belinda Selene talks about how YouTubers can get products to review for free. She talks about going to events and reach out to booths of cosmetic companies that she admires and introduce herself while offering to review the products for them. This is almost like finding an internship or making a business deal. It is a job opportunities. I think it is quite interesting how this is actually a new occupation and a new business.

Also in the video, you can see how much companies are willing to send this woman free products to review. It means they see potentials and impacts this kind of marketing will have on their sales and brand because they know this personal marketing strategy is what people buy these days, not TV commercials.