Best Online Fax Service for Medical Practices

Security is the paramount aspect when it comes to medical practices. Sensitive documents are sent and received by any medical practice along with adherence to the federal HIPAA, which requires a standard encryption level for both data and for communications. Any online fax service must subject to same security standards. Keeping this in mind, SRFax’s online fax service is considered to be the best option for medical practices.

Why SRFax?

First and one of the most important factor that goes in favour of SRFax is its affordability. This service’s standard package starts at mere $7.95 per month for a total of 500 pages, which makes this service among the least costly online fax service in the market. There is no setup fees required for this service, which also offers cheaper options like basic and lite packages. These packages are best for businesses that require considerably lower volume of faxes in their operation. The basic plan starts at $3 per month which also includes 25 free fax documents while the lite package costs at $5.50 per month for 200 free faxes in case you are billed annually. This online fax service also offers a 60 days trial period which can help you in deciding to continue or not with this faxing service. This free fax online service and the paid service, both offer an attractive option for small businesses.

SRFax is HIPAA-compliant which also employs password protection along with SSL encryption to provide necessary security to your faxes. SRFax history with medical practices has helped them in getting way more familiar than any other service. That’s why they understand the needs of medical practitioners. This faxing service also provides the ability to allow any number of users to access the system with the standard package.

In the case of basic and lite packages, you can easily add up to nine users which is more than any other faxing service offers. This service features with an administration page to assist in managing all the users who have direct access to the system.

Another salient feature of SRFax is its 24/7 customer support hotline. As most of the services offer phone support, but this service is quite limited. In the case of SRFax, you always have the direct access to receive any kind of assistance required when you run into any problems.

The major limitation of this service is that it doesn’t offer digital signing functionality. That’s why you have to print documents to sign them followed by scanning them.

With this, we end our review of SRFax which is still the best available fax services for medical practices. We will surely like to know your views and suggestions regarding this service. Don’t forget to mention your reviews in the comment section below.