How to Save on Everything with Discounted Gift Cards

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with nor do I profit from any sales of gift cards. I just do this myself and think that it is a great idea.

Are you someone who likes to get things at the cheapest possible price? You always look for sales and deals and never buy anything at full price? I totally get that, and I am the same way. I want great deals on everything that I buy so that I will have more money left over to do other things with. I am especially picky with clothes. As there are so many sales with clothes, it seems almost crazy to buy them undiscounted.

There is a way though to get an even better discount on the items that you buy, and one that you can combine with any other deals that the store is offering. The trick is discounted gift cards.

There are now many websites that offer to buy peoples’ unwanted gift cards and then resell them. Many gift cards you can buy from these retailers at a discount of 20% and some even at a discount of 30%. Say for instance that you love shopping at New York and Company. You know that eventually you are going to spend a good amount of money there. Today you could buy a $500 gift card for them at a price of $309. This is a savings of $191 or 38%! While this is one of the highest discounts currently available, there are many gift cards available at high discounts for clothing stores.

Also, because customers are of course worried about fraud, these reselling websites offer some sort of guarantee on the cards that you purchase from them. You should read the exact terms before purchasing.

Gift Card Granny is a great site that aggregates the offers of over 10 of the resellers so that you can find the best deals, This is where I go to find the best deals.

So, if there is a place that you frequent or are planning on making some purchases you can save some good money through these gift cards. I like to always get Starbucks (currently a 12% discount) or Fandango (currently 19% discount) as I use these services a lot.

Happy shopping!

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