Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron

Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron is a great hair product that gets well with most salons and also a wide array of personal users. This type of ceramic tourmaline flat iron contains many specifications and features that are unique to it. I trust that the following review would be helpful to you.

Specification With Performance:

This type of tourmaline ceramic flat iron product is quite unique as it displays a wide range of specification with performance. To start with, this product is best suited for the African American hair. The design of this tourmaline flat iron is more user friendly compared to all the rest. Plus it is also designed to enable smooth gliding through your hair without any pull as you design your hair. The plates on this ceramic tourmaline flat iron are quick to heat up and recover. Normally it takes an average of about one minute for it to fully heat up. This is beneficial in that it saves you a lot of time especially in instances where you are in a hurry to travel somewhere but still have to style your hair. This tourmaline is considered as the best tourmaline flat iron as its high temperatures can accommodate thick and curly hair. Its temperatures are adjustable with a range of between 170 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This is beneficial as it not only accommodate those blessed with thick curly hair, but can also accommodate those with thin and fragile hair without running the risk of damaging it. Its ionic technology that comes with the tourmaline hair straightener product is good for removing that troublesome frizz effect that most hair straighteners are not able to. The same technology also enables the product to retain the natural moisture located in your hair hence manages to pull off a shiny effect to your hair.

User Friendly experience:

Many users who have used this tourmaline ceramic flat iron product have given a lot of feedback concerning it. Some of those feedbacks are such as they are happy that it handles African American hair with the care that it deserves without causing any form of damage towards it. They have claimed that due to its high and adjustable temperatures, they are now able to customize their tourmaline hair straighteners to fit the temperatures that would be suitable for each of their individual hairs. They are also excited about the fact that it heats up in just a span of one minute and instantly recovers by which some women have claimed of it being a life changer. Another thing that users are proud of is the fact that it produces good curls and waves on your hair owed to the fact that it contains rounded edges that enhance its effectiveness.

Solano Professional Flat Iron Features

· The ceramic plates for this type of ceramic tourmaline flat iron are one inch wider than the rest and hence able to accommodate wider lengths of hair during straightening.

· Wider temperature range of between 170 to 450 degrees hence can work with many types of hair textures and thickness.

· Fast heating time span of sixty seconds with high recovery rate that saves time.

· Contains ionic technology that prevents frizzing of hair.

· The ionic technology on the tourmaline hair straightener maintain the moisture content in hair giving it a shiny look.

· The tips of this type of ceramic tourmaline flat iron are beveled which helps the tourmaline hair straightener make great curls and waves.

· Its design enable it to glide smoothly through your hair without tug or pull.

· It also accommodates 40 watts of power.

This tourmaline ceramic best flat iron has been approved by many customers as being the best tourmaline flat iron that deals perfectly with African American hair. It has been said to make your hair bouncy, silky and smooth without even adding any more hair products in the mix. Its unique temperature regulator has made it gain fans from customers of all types of hair textures and thickness. To add more, customers have commented that they are happy that this ceramic tourmaline flat iron does not pull their hair but is rather smooth as they glide the tourmaline hair straightener through their hair. It has been said to be pocket friendly by most consumers hence the numerous five star ratings that have been posted both on its websites and also other online shops such as amazon among others. To many customers, especially those with African American hair, have claimed, without doubt, that this product is the best tourmaline flat iron in the market.

This tourmaline Hair straightening tool has proved from the above review that it has a place in the hearts of many consumers of the product because of its numerous features and great performance. This is because of its great temperature regulator that allows many people with different types of hair to use it, plus the fact that it is smooth towards your hair as you use it. Its great ionic technology that prevents fizzing is a great quality too and that it can also maintain the moisture content of your hair. This together with many other features have made this product a must have by many proud and modern women in the world today.

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