10 Amazing Portfolio Websites from Google Designers [2]

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1. Xiaofang Mei

Xiaofang had been designed from ideation to implementation for Pogo Rides and helped to build a new business in carpool area. Previously, She interned at Google+. She’s also shipped a series of successful products for helping employees to work efficiently and happily while she was in Baidu.

2. Parteek Saran

Parteek Saran is an Interaction Designer at Google.

3. Scott Perket

Scott Perket is a currently designer at Google Analytics. He previous worked at Zendesk, Square, Automatic and Facebook etc.

4. Kaiwei Wang

Kaiwei Wang is an incoming Interaction Designer @Google and HCI graduate from Georgia Tech.

5. Maggie Banks

Maggie Banks a senior at Carnegie Mellon University studying Product Design and Human-Computer Interaction. She interned at Google and Jet.com.

6. Alex Lakas

Alex Lakas is a user experience, interaction and visual designer for Google’s SIM UX (Search, Identity & Maps) team, focusing on local search and discovery, as well as brands and SMB’s.

7. Justeen Lee

Justeen Lee is a MFA candidate at ArtCenter College of Design. He is a former intern at Google, Pinterest and Zynga etc.

8. Aaron Brako

Aaron Brako is an Interaction Designer at Google who is currently building experiences for Google Now, Search results, and the Google Search App.

9. Conrad Bassett-Bouchard

Conrad Bassett-Bouchard is a UX designer at Google.

10. Yanlin Ma

Yanlin Ma is a former intern at Google Daydream team and a master candidate at New York University.

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