The easiest and the best way to form a company

No one really believed that setting up a company could be as easy as 1–2–3. But that was until Best Formations came along.

The requirements needed to put up a company could be very taxing. Such often discourages one from quitting their day jobs to pursue their own business, no matter how strongly passionate they feel about it. The expenses can also be very overwhelming, especially if you are just taking your baby steps towards your dream company.

Fortunately, the likes of Best Formations have revolutionized ways to help put up a company without the hassle and the bustle.

Finding it hard to believe? Here are four simple steps:

1. Company name check

Through our efficient and effective system, it will only take a few seconds to know if your prospective company name has already taken or perhaps sound like another company, whose reputation, whether rightly or wrongly, is something you do not want to be associated or confused with.

Best Formations can give you and your company the advantage of having a unique name that will truly and genuinely represent you. After all, a company name may make or break your business.

2. Package selection

Depending on the company you wish to set up, you may avail of our package selection where offers range from £14.99 to as much as £124.99. Our services cover electronic registration, issuance of an official certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of incorporation, share certificates, free consultation with an ACCA certified accountant and a registered office address to name a few.

Other secretarial services include officer service address, mail forwarding, and accountancy. One of our flagship services includes accountancy. We go beyond what accountancy merely means by providing consultancy to clients on how to craft strategies towards improved profitability.

3. Add to basket and check out

If you need extra services, feel free to add more products and services before checking out. Payment is done through secure and reliable online payment processing.

4. Complete

For the last stage, you need to provide pertinent details to your business such as your shareholders, directors, among others. When all of these have been filled out, your company will go through a careful scrutiny by experts from Best Formations before it is submitted to the UK Companies House.

If at the end of the day you still find this process tedious, another option is to purchase an already existing company, registered at the UK Companies House.

Rest assured that these ready-made companies have never traded before, in good standing, debt-free, and immediately available to you. Turnover of ready-made companies is so fast that it can be transferred to you in a bat of an eyelash.

And you are done!

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