PornoTube is surely an advertising-supported pornographic website that provides audio, videos, and photos of explicit sex at no cost.

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It enables its users to upload their particular pornographic media (user-generated content). It really is one of many highest-traffic pornographic websites as well as YouPorn and has been referred to as a major increase in Internet pornography.Your website offers amateur sex clips, clips from pornographic websites, and scenes of normal porn movies inside the straight, lgbt category.

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PornoTube was entered July 2006 with the company AEBN that’s situated in Charlotte, New york. A significant competitor of PornoTube is YouPorn which has been began in late August 2006 and, based on Alexa, has since overtaken PornoTube in popularity. PornoTube and YouPorn are noticed as posing notable competition for paid pornographic websites and traditional magazine and DVD-based pornography.

Concerns have been expressed within the being unable to verify age of the persons depicted from the videos, the potential of copyrighted videos being uploaded towards the site, along with the potential for privacy violations when private sex tapes are uploaded minus the consent of involved parties.

PornoTube received increased attention in late 2006 when an alleged sex video of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline appeared online.