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Bikini waxing is one of the most popular waxing types nowadays. Brazilian bikini laser Hair removal, in its different forms is equally popular among men and women who are willing to improve their looks and eliminate unaesthetic body hair from a sensitive area. Bikini waxing means hygiene and a clean skin during the winter, but a must during the summer, at least if you plan on going swimming, if your are willing to go to the beach or you just want to get tanned and enjoy the sun.

In the lack of bikini waxing, you will never feel confident enough about your looks to make any of these activities. Shaving instead of bikini waxing will leave your skin irritated and hairs will start growing back in only a couple of days after removing them. Well, waxing bikini area is the best choice you can make, as its results will not only last days, but actually weeks. If you have never heard about waxing bikini area, you are most likely wondering what is bikini wax.

Bikini waxing is an epilation method around the pubic area

Performed with the use of different types of waxes. So, what is a bikini wax is not hard to answer, but you should know that in the category of bikini waxing there can be included a wide range of styles. No matter which one you will choose, waxing bikini area is a must, visible pubic hair in this region of the body being widely disapproved and actually not only embarrassing, but really repulsive. The name of this waxing method is used to establish the way hair will be removed. This means that to wax bikini line means removing hair in the imaginary line of a woman’s swimsuit. The entire hair that will remain outside the swimsuit will be waxed. In other words, all pubic hair outside the bikini line has to be removed. Despite what you may initially imagine, waxing bikini line is not something specific to the modern society. In fact, hair from this area of the body has been removed with hygiene purposes since the Ancient times. In modern world, bikini waxing or hair removal has only become a trend starting with 1945, when bathing suits have become popular among women form all around the world. Throughout the years, the popularity of bikini waxing has only been increased.

Common Bikini Waxing Styles

Waxing bikini area is so common that in time various styles of this hair removal method have been used. They include Brazilian waxing, the most popular such method, American waxing, French waxing, but also European, full bikini and heart shape waxing. Brazilian waxing is the most popular hair removal method when it comes to the bikini area. If you are wondering what is Brazilian waxing, do not worry, as here you will find the answer. Brazilian waxing is the removal of all pubic area hair, including the bikini line hair, but also the hair in the pelvic area. Waxing Brazilian style has its types, too. So, sometimes women can opt for Brazilian waxing, but decide to leave a thin strip of hair on the pubis. Waxing Brazilian style is mostly recommended for the days at the beach, for women who plan on wearing thongs. You will find Brazilian waxing also under the name of full Brazilian wax, full bikini wax, and also waxing Brazilian style. Even though amazingly popular, waxing Brazilian style is quite controversial, as it is considered to be too painful, some people actually being unable to support the extreme pain. Either way, Brazilian waxing is amazingly popular nowadays, equally among women and men.

American waxing supposes only the removal of the hair outside the bikini line. So, only the hair that will remain exposed when wearing a bikini will be removed when opting for this method of eliminating body hair. The American waxing style is commonly known as a basic bikini wax. French waxing is well known as partial Bikini waxing, only leaving a vertical strip of pubic hair into the front of the area waxed. All the other hair is removed, including the peri-anal hairs. French waxing is most popular among models, due to its sexy look and convenience. The Triangle waxing style is another method of pubic hair removal. This waxing bikini area style supposes the removal of all body hair, except a sharply trimmed triangle with the central point aimed to top of the genitals. All the hairs outside the bikini like will be removed, too. Other similar waxing styles, which suppose the removal of part of the pubic area hair include The Full Bikini, The European, The Bikini Line, The Heart, The Landing Strip, The Mustache, the Landing Strip and the Playboy Strip.

No matter the style, to wax bikini line is always a good idea, for the health and clearance of your skin. In most cases, bikini waxing is made with the usage of hot wax. Deeply cleaning the skin is a must, while powdering can also be an a technique used to wax Bikini area, for an increased efficiency of the process. However, before choosing this hair removal method and beginning to wax Bikini area you have to be very careful. The pubic area is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so it requires extra care and attention. Some women actually avoid Bikini waxing at home, as the risks of irritations are quite increased. Pain can be quite hard to handle, while skin infections can e consequence of waxing in an improper way. However, if you keep in mind the main tips for the best waxing experience, you can obtain a perfect Bikini wax.