Curling iron sizes — How it changes your look?

Emma Stevens
Jan 16, 2017 · 5 min read

Choosing the perfect curling iron sizes for your hair is a must if you want a sexy curly hair. The greatest asset that gives pride to any woman’s lavishing beauty is her hair. In today’s world of fashion, styling the hair in different wonderful ways holds top priority in attaining a crowning glory. There are wide ranges of hair treatments available such as perms, waves, waves, curling etc. that the woman tries out. But the ultimate choice of hair styling process that could completely change the way you look is creating curls.

The cosmetic market is flooded with varieties of curling irons that promise to give voluminous, bouncy, shining curly locks with attractive sheen style. One thing that you need to remember is that all the curling tools do not come in same size and shapes.

If your heart knows what kind of curls you want to attain it is essential that you also learn the differences between these irons for best results. The curling iron sizes barrel matters and you need to pick the correct sized iron rod if you want to look gorgeous.

Following are the few basic curling iron sizes available in the market. Let us study them carefully in order to understand the effective hair styles that they can create.

Curling iron sizes

1 inch curling iron

If you want a professional style with optimum versatility opt for 1 inch curling barrels that are designed in medium shaped width. Women with both long and short hair can use this curling iron. The medium range diameter of the curling tool perfectly produces shining spiral curls for long hair and medium length hair. Curl locks created by this iron rod with short hair will last for longer hours.

1.5 inch curling

Are you craving to create sexy wave curls for your hair? Then you should use the curling iron sizes with 1.5 inch wide barrel. Create flawless wavy curls by wrapping your hair tighter around the barrel at the roots, but be cautious to avoid touching the scalp. Curl your hair from underneath ends and slowly move to the upper layers for luscious seductive curls.

The following video explains curling using 1 inch and 1.5 inch curling iron sizes.

2 inch curling iron

With a little bit effort you can create cascading loose curly waves with this 2 inch barreled curling iron sizes. The hot beauty tool helps in attaining bouncy curl waves in steady quality without any frizzy tangles. Since the barrels are wider in width, they are considered as a perfect choice for long hair to create loose waves. Women with medium length hair can also use 2 inch curling devices to wrap the ends of the hair in gentle curls.

1 ¼ inch curling iron

Curl your hair in professional style within 30 minutes by using 1 ¼ inch curling device. You need to first wet your hair and then divide 5 to 7 partitions in locks of hairs. Then blow dry every section using a round brush. Try to take smaller sections of hair for creating natural curls. Once all the sections of hair have been blown out wrap the ends of every section separately around the heated 1 ¼ curling iron sizes barrel quickly. This will now create kinky sheen curls that will last for longer hours. Smoothen up the heat by applying serum that keeps your hair frizz free.

¾ inch curling iron

If you want to dance through the night without worrying about the hair, then create tight curl style that will last for hours. The smaller width barrel of this curling iron sizes allows you to produce frizz full curl style to your hair. Divide your hair fluff it up for bouncy waves of defined curly locks. Divide the hair into multiple sections and then wrap around the heated ¾ inch curling tool barrel without burning your finger. Curl the ends alone for creating summer wave hair style. Once the procedure is completed, run your fingers using a serum to separate the curls, waves and fluff it up for the polished exotic finish.

½ inch curling iron

Spice up romance back into your dull life by creating wide range of hair styles like loose sexy waves or tight spiral curls. The ½ inch curling tools allow you to create a chic hair style, adding smooth texture and wonderful definition to your curls. The small barrels to help in creating curls even to the shorter hair strands that are usually ignored by bigger sized curling irons. This curling tool changes your look completely by giving life and more volume even to the lifeless hair.

Below video explain the various curling iron sizes demos.

Tips to avoid any damages caused to the hair scalp while curling your hair

Whatever hair curling iron device or size and shape you choose, it is essential that you concentrate on certain basic factors if you want to create memorable sexy curls without damaging your hair. Select the perfect curling tool that pampers and nourishes your hair while transforming you into a beauty icon.

  1. Browse through the hair curling irons displayed in the virtual portals and carefully read through the specifications. Pick the curling device that has different settings for changing the heat temperature level evenly through the barrel.
  2. Understand the texture of your hair before choosing the hair style and curling iron perfect for you. Remember that you need to adjust the heat temperature according to the thickness of your hair. Thin hair needs a curling iron that can be adjusted to low heating temperature than thick dense hair. Try to protect the shine and glamour of your natural hair while exposing to intense heat.
  3. Use supreme quality hair products and serums that are designed exclusively to protect your hair from the damages of exposure to the heat. These hair serums basically consist of an ingredient known as silicone that will act as a safety coating against the huge amount of heat that hits your delicate hair strings while creating an attractive curly hairstyle.
  4. Seek precious advice regarding the curling iron that you can buy from your dermatologists or professional beauty therapists before jumping into any conclusions. Since they can guide you in preference to your hair texture.

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