Top Rated Heavy Duty Laundry Sorter Carts with Wheels for Home Use

Best rated 4 and 3 bin laundry sorters to keep your home tidy.

I bought one of these sorters a few months ago and I am amazed how much I love it! Mine is on wheels, so I can zip around the house (yes, there seems to be laundry everywhere in my home) and I can sort as I pick things up.

And… I don’t have to carry anything.

And… I don’t have piles of dirty laundry on the floor in my laundry room.

The one that I picked up was around $55 (you can find it here).

There are different options of laundry sorters. Some have 3 bags and some have 4 hanging bags.

You can also get ones that have a bar on top so that you can hang shirts. I have this feature and I really like it as I really don’t have a place to hang anything in my laundry room and this does the trick until I get my clothes back to the bedroom.

You can see a large selection of heavy duty laundry sorters on this page of Amazon.

Heavy Duty Quad Laundry Sorter Cart