So, I’ve been resisting writing down my thoughts about this for a long time, because frankly, they’re not cute, and you’re not going to like reading them, and I’m probably going to come across as unpleasantly bitter.

The very short version of what I would like to say here is this: first, I believe that quality journalism, in all media, is as important to the survival and growth of women’s professional soccer as anything to do with player development, professionalism, etc, is. …

Photo credit: Nikita Taparia

The biggest problem with the USWNT’s 1–0 win against Spain this week was that neither team was very good. “Not very good” can mean a lot of different things, though, and accordingly, it meant two very different things for each of these teams. The actual content of the game is something that’s already been picked apart by other writers, so I’m not going to look into it at length here. What I would like to talk about is the way we talk about games like this, which is something that increasingly gets under my skin.

When I say that the…

Weirdly, outside of Twitter, I’ve never written about Star Wars.

I say “weirdly” because it’s been an obsession for as long as I can remember. I have no memory of the first time I saw the movies, except, I think, asking my dad what the word “war” meant (“it’s like a battle,” he said, giving me a close-enough synonym I somehow knew). I spent much of my childhood poring obsessively over Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary. Naturally, I often tried to reach across the room and pick things up with the Force.

I don’t bring these things up to demonstrate…

Kesha released her first solo music in four years last week, a song called “Prayer”; it is a very good song and it makes me very happy, and I’d like to talk about why it makes me so happy.

First and foremost, this song is a visceral sonic revenge fantasy directed at Kesha’s abuser, whose self-important nickname I won’t repeat here. There’s an interesting dissonance, though, in that reading, which is pretty unmistakable based on the song itself, and what the singer herself has been publicly saying she intended with it. Kesha writes:

“This song is about me finding peace…

Katelyn Best

…is a writer in Portland.

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