What Every Patient Should Know About Their Dental Lab

Dentists don’t work in a vacuum. They rely on hygienists, receptionists and more to keep their practice running. However, they also need the help of various third party providers to ensure they provide patients with the highest quality of care. One such provider is a cosmetic dental lab, one which helps to create prosthetics for use in patients’ mouths. The best dental lab must be chosen for this purpose to ensure patients are satisfied once the work is complete. How does one go about selecting a lab to work with?

American Dental Association Approved Materials

Work done on a person’s mouth should last for an extended period of time, if not for their life span. For this reason, patients should only work with a dentist and lab that make use of American Dental Association approved materials. This ensures they are of good quality and are safe for use in the human mouth. There have been reports of low quality materials being used that led to medical issues for the patient over time. The use of approved materials helps to significantly minimize this risk.


Individuals should check with their dentist to ensure the lab being used is certified. Many individuals are surprised to learn that certification isn’t standard in the industry. A lab that has undertaken this step demonstrates their commitment to high customer care. The certifying body evaluates the lab in a number of areas to ensure it meets their standards, thus this is something an individual should look for and ask more about the certification process. Furthermore, labs that are certified must follow certain practices outlined by the organization providing the certification. Be sure to ask about these practices also when researching different facilities.

Don’t hesitate to ask the dentist about the lab they work with. A reputable dental professional will be happy to share this information, as their goal is to ensure their patients are happy when work is carried out. In addition, dentists want to promote the oral health of their patients at all times and a reputable lab can be of great help in achieving this goal. Be sure to speak to the dentist today to learn more about their lab partner. One can never have too much information when it comes to their health.