5 Myths about the Mattress, You must know

It is right said that insomnia is the mind over mattress because people have so many misconceptions about the mattresses. It is owing to the reason that many health consultants and salespersons spread false statements to increase the authenticity of their products.

However, purchasing a mattress is not as complicated as presented by a few. It is relatively less challenging than buying the car insurance or deciding school for your children.

What you need to do is to go the market and check for the varieties of mattresses available. Mattress comes in many types such as latex, Inner spring, organic, euro-top, luxury-plush, and pillow-top and many more.

You need to compare the quality with the price and some other factors to decide between buying the best mattress Dubai. However, always try to be an informed purchaser. Never trust the promotional content and myths while deciding to replace your mattress.

Best mattress Dubai

It is not necessary to tell you that a mattress is vital for sweet sleep because you are already aware of this fact. No bed can become comfortable without a mattress.

A few myths have been pointed out to help your get better insights of mattress related truths.

Myth # 1: Change the mattress within every 7–8 years

It is true that the Better Sleep Council has recommended changing the mattress after every seven-eight years, but it is not a compulsion.

However, it largely depends on the quality and present condition of the mattress. If it is supporting sleep in a comfortable manner, there is no need to change.

The mattresses come in many varieties, and the quality differs accordingly. So, consider the factors that mattress gear for the quality sleep and delivers the better support while sleeping. If yes, no need to change even it is older than 8 years.

Myth # 2: Only the firm mattress helps in Back Pain

It is a general perception that a firm mattress offers good support to the patients with backbone problem. However, it is a myth because biologically the shape of the spinal cord is not straight and therefore, a firm mattress can add more to the pain.

Further, it strongly depends upon the sleeping habits of the people. For a few individuals, a firm mattress may work better, and it differs from others. So, it is best to consider the characteristics which suit you more.

The two characteristics can help you to determine the selection of best mattress Dubai including support and conformability. Therefore, always differentiate soft, medium or firm mattress before making a purchase.

Myth # 3: Tossing and Turning indicates Poor Quality

Moving while sleeping is common on the part of human beings. The average ratio of movements made by the adults is around 75 times per night.

No matter what quality you buy every mattress toss and turn along with your movements in sleep. It does not mean that the quality of the mattress is poor, but it is natural.

Myth # 4: Quality Mattress fits perfectly at the First Time

It is not true that taking a trial at the mattress shop will give you an indication of the quality mattress. Usually, it takes more than a month to make your body comfortable and fairly adjusted to the mattress.

Therefore, don’t reject a mattress with good quality if you don’t feel comfortable with the first experience. It is possible that you make a wrong decision while focusing too much on a trial of 24 hours.

It does not mean that you must buy a mattress which offers comfort warranty. Rely on the natural instincts while deciding on purchasing the mattress for your daily use.

Myth # 5: Flipping the Side of mattress increase its durability

Generally, it is recommended by laymen that flipping the sides of the mattress on a regular basis increase its life. Well, it is not the truth and only a misconception.

However, it can help to keep the mattress flat for a long time and both the sides get wear out, but it does not mean that it will increase the lifespan.

Concluding Remarks

No doubt, there is only a thing which everyone likes for himself — a good night sleep. However, the goodness or badness of sleep solely depends on the mattress. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of misconceptions in order to buy the best mattress Dubai for the comfort and sweet dreams.