4 Keys to a Killer Real Estate Video

Have you ever imagined people would buy a property without visiting the site? Yes, videography has already made that possible. Today, it is one of the key elements of real estate marketing. The brokers, property managers and home sellers are all using it in their endeavors and benefiting from it. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, around 90 percent of the polled homeowners would prefer to hire a broker who uses videography to market their homes. But many of the brokers are not satisfying the demands of the customers, as it was found that currently, only 5 percent of the brokers use videos for marketing purposes.

By gaining this knowledge, real estate players can increase the use of videos in their marketing activities.But simply adding videos will not give the optimum results.They should be good in quality and captured professionally. Below, 4 important points have been discussed which should be followed to get a killer real estate video.

1. Let the Professionals Take the Charge

Find someone with expertise in this field because only an expert behind the camera can create value for you. The good thing is that it won’t hurt your pocket. Spending about $500- $1000 (depending on the market area) can get you the services of a professional videographer.They usually include shots and videos captured by drones which is not an easy task.

2. Use Good Equipment

The technological advancement in phones has made it possible to capture high-quality photos, but it doesn’t bring proficiency. The Hollywood level equipment is not required, since a mid-level DSLR camera, a slider, couple of different lenses, some basic lighting, a decent shotgun, and an editing software can do wonders for you. The good news is that if a professional videographer is hired, he/she will come loaded with these gears.Today aerial photography has also increased the growth of businesses, as drones are being used to capture the stills.

3. Include Interesting Content

Organize and convey important information in your video as a story. Make sure that the viewers get all the details they require about the home and offering. Keep it simple, include information like address, no. of rooms, bathrooms, interior square footage and the lot size. It’s better to include a map, neighborhood, and your contact information.

4. Spread It

It’s useless to make a video that has no viewers. These days, there are so many options available, such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. to post your video. It’s even better if you have your own channel on these sites. After posting, link it to your website and make strategies to increase the traffic on your site. Thestrategies can include use of the social media, email marketing, etc.

Finally, these are the four key points that should be kept in mind while making a killer real estate video. A video made by utilizing these key points will surely benefit the businesses to a great extent.

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