Helpful Tips for Planning Your Trek in Nepal

Do you like the idea trekking holiday in Nepal? If you do and it is your first time, make sure that you are ready so that you won’t get lost and be absentminded about the things you could have done better. Here are some tips that will help your Nepal trekking days smoother.

Plan the days ahead

  1. This may not be what other travelers have in mind when it comes to Nepal trekking; it will help you a lot when you plan your trip ahead. At least, you will be ready on how you can adjust to things that unexpectedly happen. Make sure you schedule your contingency days in 2 to 3. Expect flights within Nepal to get canceled and delayed such as into Pokhara, Jomsom, Lukla and Taplejung. What you do not want to happen is missing a flight to Kathmandu. When you include a couple of extra days on your trip that will ensure your peace of mind and a little down time, before you get on a long-haul flight to your home. One of the biggest advantages, when you work with a tour operator, is that they can facilitate your booking on your behalf for the next flight available back to the capital of Nepal. Keep in mind that if your flight gets canceled for one day, you will not receive any priority for the next day. The people that have tickets for that day will be the one given priority.

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