you cannot buy skittles.
you cannot wear a hoodie.
you cannot sell cigarettes. 
you cannot play music in your car with your friends while reveling in the culture you created. 
you cannot play with fake guns. 
you cannot sell CDs. 
you cannot ask “why am I being pulled over?” 
you cannot ask for help after a car accident. 
you cannot walk down the street with your best friend weeks shy of starting college.
you cannot go to your bachelor party. 
you cannot pray in church.
you cannot sleep on your grandma’s couch.
you cannot put your hands up. 
you cannot breathe. 
you cannot be you…beautiful boy. beautiful girl. 
you cannot be, you cannot be.

I cannot protect you.

‪#‎AltonSterling‬…and whoever comes next.

you cannot read a book in a car while waiting for your son to get out of school.

you cannot have a stalled car on the highway.

you cannot be 13, 95 pounds and in possession of a bb gun.

#keithlamontscott #terencecrutcher #tyreking

( i am going to edit this piece every time a new hashtag is created. because i need you to understand why we’re being murdered. how trivial the “reasons” are. and i need you to sit with the fact that murderers are taken into custody alive — -but these are “punishable by death” offenses.)