Slay the Monster

I grew up right beside you but I am not you.

We once had the same friends but you are not my friend.

You were loved and supported as a child as I was loved and supported as a child yet you spew racism, hate and intolerance daily against the very people that I love and have chosen as my family.

You feel superior behind your computer as you spit vile hatred because you are afraid of that which is not like you but you aren’t superior. You’re small, ignorant and everything that’s wrong with this world today. You are the thing I fear.

I believe in the good in people. Every day you test that belief but I will not let your hate and bigotry change my beliefs. You might believe you have won, it might even seem you have won but you will never win.

I once believed you were must misinformed and dumb as a box of rocks. But you aren’t. You have made an active choice to hate. You feel powerful in your hatred.

You and I once feared monsters but now you are the monster and monsters no longer scare me.

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