Say heyyy to Best One Yet’s newest member.

Vroom, vroom.

Part of me still can’t believe she’s really here and she’s really ours: world, meet the vegan Vespa. Finding the right bike was no-doubt-for-sure one of the biggest question marks in moving Best One Yet forward. I knew what I was looking for but I wasn’t sure if I’d find it (or if I did, when). As it turns out, this 1980 yet-to-be-named beauty was sitting unused in a garage right here in Boulder. Fully restored with only a handful of easily fixed issues, I was told by my mechanic that I was getting the “best bike in city.”

Of course, anything that’s the best is not without its complications. But while I’ve got a pile of paperwork to tend to regarding this recent acquisition, I’m still smiling: she’s here!

We’re one step closer to getting Best One Yet on the road. Stay tuned!

Helmets on,

Founder & Flavor Master

P.S. I had to.

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