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Since the end of November until just before New Year’s, I was going through my worst sex drought since I lost my virginity.

All my regular fuck-buddies were out of town or too busy for a booty call. Chicks at the bar were shutting down my advances. My Tinder has been maxed out for months, having already been matched with all the hottest, most fuck-able girls on there. And every girl on OkCupid was looking for commitment before they did the deed.

My balls were bluer than the sky on an afternoon in May. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.

I am by no means a religious man, but sometimes things work out so perfectly that you can only assume that a higher power is looking out for you.

I was so desperate to get my cock inside a pussy again, I was about to spend all my savings for an evening with an escort. But before I placed the call to trade away all my money for an evening of sex with a sexy escort, I received an email from asking me if I write about their site.

After I made a free account on, it was only a matter of minutes before I knew my sex drought was over.

I can’t speak for your city but when I logged into, I was instantly connected to all the hot babes that are only looking for commitment-less, casual sex (i.e. the best kind of sex).

“Ohhhh!” I exclaimed at my computer screen. “So this is where all the freaks have been hiding!”

Since Tinder and OkCupid are such popular dating platforms, people aren’t willing to admit they’re just looking for a rough fuck for a night because word will get around to mutual friends through the grape vine. With, it’s 100% anonymous and secure. So all the girls in your area can unleash their inner slut with no inhibitions. AND DO THEY EVER!

As soon as a I uploaded my picture, the IM’s from girls started pouring in asking if they could see my dick, asking me if they could suck my dick, sending me pictures of their tits, the works! Thank goodness is so well-designed, otherwise I would have panicked and gone back to fapping.

Rule of thumb for this dating site: if a she’s online, she wants to fuck.

Find a babe you want to fuck, send her a message, sit back and wait for her to reply with a time and a place. And if neither of you can host, you can always have a first-date via webcam on SexMessenger

It comes down to this. If you want your sex drought to end and get laid tonight, there are tons of horny babes that are desperate to fuck someone hiding in plain sight on SexMessenger.

Making an account is free, so why not see what hot babes are online in your area right now?

Originally published at on January 9, 2015.

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