Vital aspects when appointing a PCB assembly manufacturer!

PCB stands for PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD which supports and connects the electronic components mechanically an electrically respectively. It tends to use conductive tracks, pads and many other features engraved from the copper sheets and then overlaid onto the non-conducive substrate.

Usually, people find it a cumbersome job to search for an effective contract manufacturer in order to get their PCB Assembly job outsourced. But below are mentioned certain considerations which can help to find a good contract manufacturer for the job of PCB Assembly:-

The very first aspect to be taken into consideration is the DISTANCE at which the contract manufacturer is located so that you can be more flexible and 24X7 available for any ambiguities and vice versa. Moreover, any contract manufacturer near to you will be able to help you meet your deadline. Moreover, site surveys can be conducted conveniently if there occurs any shortage of material or components.

THE MACHINERY EQUIPMENT AND THE TECHNOLOGY used by the contract manufacturer should not be obsolete and must be in relevance to the type and quality of the Assembly the customer is demanding. Also, the maintenance of the machines and the equipment should be examined in order to ensure standard work done. Moreover, if the manufacturer himself provides the information relating to the following aspects to the customer trust factor will get stronger which would have a positive impact on the whole customer and contractor cooperation at every stage.

THE STAFF which will eventually work on the PCB Assembly should be certified and professional at the work. The contract manufacturer should inform the customers regarding the skills possessed by and training being provided to the staff. The staff members should be able to perform the task given to them in an efficient manner as per the credentials they have to their accord. Proper training regarding the new technology and machines and equipment should also be provided by the contractor.

The next aspect is THE QUALITY ASSURANCE CERTIFICATIONS held by the company such as ISO 9001:2008 certificates etc. and the contract manufacturer should further be licensed to manufacture a PCB with all the required legal permissions. When a manufacturing unit is authorized to do the work it intends to do there is a long term relation being formed between itself and the customer on the grounds of legal requirements being fulfilled and a trust being developed between the two.

The ability of the manufacturer to MEET THE SHIPMENT DEADLINES also plays a crucial role. The customer should have detailed knowledge regarding the manufacturing location and the workers working on the PCB Assembly and also the past performance of the manufacturer in the context of time -sensitive projects. The efficiency and effectiveness level of the manufacturer will have a direct impact on the customer’s job being done within the stipulated time frame.

The INVENTORY LEVELS of the manufacturer should also be reviewed by the customer in order to know what level of inventory the manufacturer maintains, who all is the area wise vendors of the manufacturer. The ability of the procurement department to deal with hard-to-find and obsolete parts and the professional standards followed in the process of procurement.

So, Stop worrying and get your PCB Assembly build with the best quality and fulfill your dreams!

About The Company

BESTProto is a group of professional soldering technicians, SMT (surface mount technology) process engineers and business people who are committed to rapidly building electromechanical and PCB prototypes while providing small highly specialized businesses, start-ups and incubator companies with small production or specialty build capabilities.

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