Top 5 Bengali chicken recipes

Murg Malaikari —

Try my ‘Murg Malaikari’, celebrate the Poila day of Bengali new year by cooking this dish for your near and dear ones. And don’t forget to tell me that how was your experience.

Chicken Roll (Kolkata Street Style) :-

From last few days I was craving for some good Kolkata stlye roll, which is pretty hard to find here in North India except Chittaranjan Park. So just decided to give it a chance, and here you can see how gorgeous these rolls are.

Bengali style sunday special chicken curry :-

From a very first day i was so curious about microwave cooking.and first time i tried this chicken curry and the result came out delicius, after so many times i cooked this bengali style chicken curry in is a simple microwave solo cooking method..anybody who has microwave can ake this curry easily..

Bengali kasha mangsho (chicken curry) :-

The bengali style typical chiken curry, with potatoes and spices, lipsmackingly delicious.

Bengali Chicken Curry With Potato (Aloo Murgir Jhol) :-

“Jhol” is a term that denotes liquid curry/stew which is prepared with onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, seasonings and water (to make liquid). You can put chicken, fish, egg or any non veg stuffs in the curry and it will come out nice. It is spicy and generally serve with steamed rice. It’s a comfort food in Bengali and Odisha houses.

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