Things I Learned in 2016:

Best Self Awareness

•stay away from people who make you feel worthless

•you are more than a label; you don’t need to pick one — you are not a concrete definition

•you can get over someone, no matter how hard it’s been and how much you love them, moving on is possible

•you are valuable and you are important, even when you can’t see it and don’t believe it, you are

•don’t let anyone hold you back; whatever you want to do- do it for you, make decisions yourself, for yourself and don’t worry what someone else has to say or think about it- it’s your life, your path

•honesty, true deep real honesty goes a LONG way and can improve a relationship immensely, don’t hide who you are and what you do

•you aren’t for everyone; not everyone will want you and see all you have to offer the world

•people come and people go; you only have yourself

•set realistic goals

•don’t trust someone with everything yet

•some of your secrets, can stay secrets, you don’t have to share everything with someone — you have a choice

•life is what you make of it; your thoughts and outlook really do effect everything; how you think is how things become

•take every chance and opportunity you get

•don’t stay in an unhealthy relationship; whatever reasons you come up with for staying — they’re not valid

•stay true to who and what you are; don’t do something just because you think it’ll make someone like you more — it won’t — they didn’t like you before and they won’t like you any more after

•you can un love someone, forget people that bring you down; just like you’re not for everyone — everyone is not for you

•reconsider what makes you angry, is everything really worth getting all worked up about

•when you put yourself in a peaceful state, your life is in a peaceful state and you will be happier

•you can let it go

•things in life get hard and you’ll want to quit but there are some things you just have to get through

•theres not always a silver lining; you can’t find a reason for everything

•the pain of the past is still real and ever present but you can learn to live with it, you can live with the pain

•you need to work for it, what ever it is, you need to work for it; things don’t get handed to you for nothing anymore

•everyone is entitled to their own emotions and opinions; you can’t take that away from someone

•not everyone will understand you or support you that’s okay you are you and you are for yourself

•someone doesn’t have to accept your love; they don’t have to want it, they’re not obligated to take it; look at it is their loss, you will always find someone else to appreciate you

•every day is a valuable step in your journey

•when someone compliments you, no matter what your belief is, just say thank you and move on

•you will heal, recovery and healing is possible; you have to work for it, you have to accept help

•you can find good in even the worst people but you can also find bad in the best people

•forgiving someone frees yourself, it benefits you and let’s your soul breathe free, radically accept and forgive- for your own well-being

•that spark is always there for you; keep it alive

•open your eyes and accept the world the way it is and live in bliss

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