What Happens When You Start Doing These 3 Productive Things?

The emotional turmoil that may take place as we move from summer to fall is challenging.

3 Productive Things

Any change from the unabashed wandering and freedom of summer to the structure and expectation of fall is daunting — especially for those of us who live in a world where “summer” is a verb — not merely a time of year . . . but a way of being.

Sometimes the seasonal change can feel like another opportunity to fail and not meet expectations. So how do we manage to block the “back to school” doldrums?

First off, think of the beginning of the “school year” season as a clean slate of possibilities.

Become aware of what’s happening in your life. Is fear, anxiety, or depression holding you back, isolating you, and keeping you from accomplishing your goals and dreams? If so, you’re not alone.

After struggling from a very early age with depression, anxiety, and a panic disorder, The change came in the form of daily practice, start doing three productive things a.k.a “the 3 M’s” to reduce stress and anxiety. make it a priority to exercise (move), practice mindfulness (meditate), and have a good laugh (mirth) every day.

How Movement, Mediation, and Mirth Can Bring Forth Positive Change?

The 3 M’s can have a profound effect on your mood. once you start moving, the brain opens up a little bit . . . and you start to get into optimal thinking mode. You’re no longer in survival mode; you’re no longer thinking about all the stuff that you have to do.

Think of exercise as a moving meditation; it’s mindfulness in action

Meditation doesn’t have to be done sitting on a cushion; it doesn’t have to be quiet. Mindful meditation is all about breath awareness and noticing your body. This practice allows your brain to recharge . . . as it lets go of the constant mind chatter.

And the last but not least of the 3 M’s is mirth.

Laughing at yourself, non-judgmentally and with compassion, is a super way to bring in the mirth and crush the stress. Laughter is often the best medicine, right? So find a comedian or friend who makes you laugh and spend more time with them.

Another way to find joy in the crevices of your daily life is by expressing feelings of gratitude. Express your appreciation for what’s happening in your life now and then visualize what you’ll be grateful for once you accomplish your goals and dreams.

A smooth transition into autumn comes down to recognizing and acknowledging how you want to spend your time. From there, it’s all about creating healthy new habits for the rest of the year. Are you ready to hit the reset button and create a healthy routine this fall?

Here’s a quick Innercise for creating a healthy routine.

1. Make a list of what’s most important to you and your family.
The list might include setting new goals, exercise, going to bed earlier, better nutrition and home cooked meals, scheduling time to relax, beginning (or getting back into) a meditation practice, developing a new skill, or dabbling in a new hobby.
When establishing your routine, consider your responsibilities, health, and wellness as well as your favorite leisure activities.
2. Write down your new and improved fall schedule in a journal, planner, and calendar on your fridge.

Even though the transition from relaxed to regimented when late September arrives can sometimes be stressful, there’s also comfort and beauty that stems from routine. What healthy, new activities are you going to incorporate into your daily routine?

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