Top Five Turbo Trainers for Winter and Christmas

Winter and Christmas are soon approaching and the thought of going out on your bike in the cold is slowly becoming less enticing. So how do you keep yourself fit when the winter weather is against you? A turbo trainer is the perfect way to keep off the Christmas dinner and several bottles of wine over the festive period.
 If you are a keen cyclist or one of your loved ones is always out on a ride and you would love to keep them in the house on Christmas day then here are five of the most popular turbo trainers and the market.
 Elite SuperCrono Power Fluid ElastoGel Trainer

A leaver attached to the handlebars allows you to change the resistance while you’re riding so you can go from the flat roads of the Netherlands to climbing the Alpe d’Huez with quick flick of your hand.
 Its lightweight and adjustable frame make it easy to move around the house or take to warm up before races. The ElastoGel roller means you get a reduction in noise and tyre wear without losing out on grip. It comes readymade so you won’t be going bonkers on Christmas morning trying to find the allan key.
 Best Price: for £111.58
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 CycleOps classic mag turbo trainer

For beginners and seasoned riders the five settings on this turbo will allow you to tailor the ride to your ability. If you don’t fancy the pre-settings you can select your own to choose the exact ones you want at a press of a button.
 Its simple sleek design means it won’t take up much space in the house or garage even if your bike does. Read the instructions carefully as you build it to ensure for a sturdy ride, and rest assure it is much easier to use than build.
 A remote adjuster doesn’t come with the turbo but you can purchase one separately for around £25.
 Best Price: for £108.73
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 Tacx T1856 Satori Trainer

From one of the top turbo producers around, the Satori is also the staple choice for many of the ProTour teams. You can choose from 10 different resistance levels for a hard or soft ride while the soft gel cylinder reduces wear on your tyre. Its powerful magnets means you can feel like you’re riding up the steepest hills without leaving your house.
 The front wheel rest is included and can also double up as a handle to make it easy to carry. Its two strong front legs allow you to put as much power in to the pedals while feeling safe that you’re not going to fall.
 Best Price: for £159.99
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 CycleOps classic fluid 2 turbo trainer

Arguably the best on the market but probably one of the most expensive around the Fluid 2 is perfect for the cycling mad. The product of scientists in laboratories the PowerTuned technology gives you an infinite resistance curve so you can up the levels as you increase your fitness.
 One of the closest to riding on the road the unit doesn’t have to be touched to alter the resistance; instead changing the bike gears will do it for you. Depending on what site you go on you can also get a free training DVD to watch while you’re riding.
 Best Price: for 179.99 inc DVD
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