Content Marketers : Do You Have Writer’s Block?

If you do content marketing, you know that sometimes you struggle with what content to create. Simply due to the sheer amount of content you need to make, it’s pretty inevitable that it will happen to you. Well it happened to me, and I found way to get through it with two pieces of advice I now share with you.

  1. Don’t Create… Chronicle.
  2. Re-promote, Re-write Previous Content

Don’t Create… Chronicle

Creation is hard, and takes a long time. It’s something you should do as often as you can, but to compete with other content marketers you really need to be prolific and dish a lot of content.

Someone will tell you quality, and they’re right, but quantity is very important (even if unfortunately true).

When you hit a road block on your creative endeavors, you can quickly get through it by writing about what it is you’re doing right then. In fact this content that you’re currently reading, is exactly that. I was experiencing some writer’s block, and this article is one of many I was able to write after switching modes from creation to chronicling.

Re-promote, Re-write Previous Content

Not all content expires and becomes useless, but more importantly not everyone has already read your old content. People who could get a benefit from your thoughts today aren’t the same people who already got the benefits from your thoughts yesterday. So re-post, re-write previous content for a new or audience or a new take on it. Plus it will allow you to do some of that great inter-site linking that is so good for SEO.

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