How to Buy the Best Wireless Network Adapter

Introduction to Wireless USB Adapter

Wireless connectivity has added some degree of flexibility in networking for both personal and business use that was until recently only a pipe dream. Wireless networking allows for easy and fast setup of simple network at home or in a business. What is more is that it does all these without the inconvenient and expensive infrastructure associated with wired networks. Use of wireless adapters allows users to make internet connections in places like hotels and cafes easily. They also allow ad hoc connections between Wi- fi compatible devices without using devices like routers. Though they seem like rather simple devices, there are some differences and benefits between different wireless adapters. This article will help you choose the best wireless adapter for specific needs.

What is the best wireless adapter? Here is what you should look out for

1.802.11 protocols

802.11 protocols are what set the required standards for device makers to create compatible devices. Most wireless adapters are 802.11 also referred to as wireless. They can work in both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands (Dual band). The latest 802.11ac is a new type of protocol that was introduced in 2013 and it can transmit data faster than wireless N. So why should you not just buy an adapter with 802.11ac protocol? The ac protocol only works in a 5GHz range which does not cover a wider areas as 2.4GHz.If distance is not a problem to you then 802.11ac will work for you but if distance is an issue stay with a dual frequency 2.4 GHz wireless adapter.

2. Security
Most new Wi-Fi devices use 2 levels of Wi-Fi protected access WPA2 and WPA. WPA is 2nd generation security protocol that immensely enhances information protection and controls access to the wireless network. On the other hand WPA2 employs the AES (Advanced Encryption standard) which most major business and government department entities use to protect their data. So going for a device that has these 2 levels security would be a great idea if you value your privacy.

3. Supported Configurations
All wireless adapters require software that makes them interact efficiently with computers. Each OS (Operating System) also needs driver software that is compatible with it. The main point here is that you go for a wireless adapter that is compatible with the operating system on your computer. There are many wireless adapters which are not compatible wiht latest MS Operating System like Windows 10 etc.

Final thoughts
When looking for what is the best wireless adapter’ it is always good to find devices that offer the best date rates possible and the best performance while working in different situations. Signal reception is also important so look for a something that can pick up signals from impressive distances.

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