I’m a Real Estate co-worker, We utilize for any type of rental property, including residential rentals or commercial real estate. Our company helps to manage the daily operations of the rental property or portfolio of properties on behalf of the landlord. We oversees rental operations as well as the upkeep of the property and coordinates the buying and selling of a property.

Business was going properly until we one unfaithful day we had about a Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The COVID-19 pandemic was affirmed to have spread to Africa on 14 February 2020, with the main affirmed case reported in Egypt. The first confirmed case in sub-Saharan Africa was declared in Nigeria at the end of February 2020.

In no less than 90 days, the infection had spread all through the mainland, as Lesotho, the last African sovereign state to have stayed liberated from the infection, detailed a case on 13 May 2020. By 26 May, it gave the idea that most African nations were encountering local area transmission, in spite of the fact that it was restricted to test limit.

The greater part of the recognized imported cases showed up from Europe and the United States instead of from China where the infection started. Because of unexpected losses, work environment truancy, and decrease in efficiency and has made a negative stockpile shock, with assembling useful movement dialing back because of worldwide store network disturbances and terminations of plants. Everybody was told to be in lockdown for some time.

Unfortunately, financial circumstances began because of closure of companies. Low public monetary development frequently because of a downturn and discouragement, straightforwardly influences the organization’s tasks. My Certain business ventures face serious slumps.

Looking disappointed, We held a meeting and we all agreed to create app for our business, so I was chosen to look for a developer. It was after one week of us staying home I went to social platform and found many swindler Developer and I was completely confused for choosing them and however I didn’t realize that they are scammers. I was dampened that I loose in numerous ways yet that doesn’t halted me then in light of the statement I ordinarily hear that says;

“ Trial and blunder is the main thing that works. You ought not fear disappointment. What you ought to fear isn’t taking a stab at something since you figure you could come up short at it. It is no biggie assuming that you do. Everybody, on the off chance that they live sufficiently lengthy, bombs commonly in their life”

On a faithful day, I later realized that I had a friend back then in school that is good in any aspect of designing. So I went through facebook and I searched for his name and I found him, although that took so much time but at last I found him. He has gone extra mile in design stuff as I was going through his page, like I was carried away already.

I chat him up and we both exchanged greeting, later run I shared him what I have gone through about the development of our business app, He was so sad to hear that. “Hadn’t being we are together you should not have face all challenges” says My friend.

Not wasting time, We acquainted and I explained our plan about the app for him and he get it done within a month as he promised. I especially was so glad for the triumph.

Meanwhile, My Friend is now on freelancer platform, he has started selling and monetizing his professions there now, you can also reach him there.

All thanks to My Developer.

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