— Dice Game Coming!

Hello, BET24ers!

OCT-27–2018, One of super fun dice games is just released.

@ !

You can play a brand new dice game at It has a fair profit sharing system via dividends, payout to users who have wagered with EOS, and a good method for distributing their bet money with CHIP tokens.

The game is easy. Set a number you want, and roll the dice by clicking the dice button. Then, the result will show on the numeric scale. As you know, you win when a number under than the number you’ve set. You can select any number between 2 to 96. The payout for the wager varies based on your win chance.

As soon as the dice rolling is done, CHIP tokens are automatically paid back to the better!

Currently, you will receive 100 CHIP reward per 1 EOS betting.

And, this is how the CHIP tokens are divided:

⦁ Prize fund: 30%

⦁ Token sale: 20%

⦁ Bounty Program: 10% (Marketing & First Log-in)

⦁ Operation Cost: 20%

⦁ Team Motivation: 20%

BET24 dice — provably fair — result by using a cryptographically pseudorandom number generator. Each play is calculated by using 3 parameters — the server seed, client seed and nonce.

The house edge is 1.5 (or entire 2% if there is no referrer) and 0.5% goes to the referrers out of the house edge.

We gladly INVITE you!


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