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[Free EOS Account Creation & Updates on EOSDAQ]

Hi everyone. This is EOSDAQ (EOS-base DEX).
The Free EOS Account Creation has just started!
Also, sharing information about the updates on EOSDAQ.

1. Free EOS Account Creation (Sponsored by EOSDAQ and EOSYS)
- EOSDAQ and EOSYS distribute around 1000 free EOS accounts. Thanks to EOSYS team for supporting the event.
- Event starts: November 9th, 05:00pm KST (08:00am UTC)
- Where:
- Steps to participate:
1) Visit
2) Click ‘Create Free Account’ button on the main page
3) Fill in the followings
- Enter account name
- Create and save key pairs
- Verify Email address
- Agree to the EOS constitution
4) Continue by clicking the ‘Create Account’ button
5) Now you have your own EOS account
for account name, only 12 characters — lowercase letter and number (1~5) — are possible.

2. Token Listing (Starting from today, you can now trade 3 more tokens in EOSDAQ)
- ET (Endless Dice)

3. In Progress (EOSDAQ)
- Significant change in UI to exchange page (Trading-Friendly)
- Removal of email registration