Net Profit = house edge (2.0%) — referral rewards (0.5%)


Every profit goes into the bankroll and is distributed according to the allocations below:

  1. Dividend Payout(50%)

BET24 wants to motive our users by sharing the highest percentage of profits. CHIP holders lock CHIP tokens to participate in the dividend.

Dividend calculation:

Your dividend during a term = Profits x 50% x Amount of CHIP tokens you staked / total CHIP tokens all users staked.

2. Bankroll(30%) The size of Bankroll is very significant to tease big bettors, example players who can desirably build the dice game of BET24. The allocation of 30% of profits increases the size of the bankroll to provide the users with experiences.

3. Operations and Rewards(20%) Operations are spent on maintaining the platform and encouraging more users to participate. In a short period, BET24 holds events reward programs to improve the platform and incentivize users.

Wish the BEST!